Water Softener SoftPro® Pura Optimus On Demand Upflow Features And Benefits

Upflow water softener. Fully Featured SoftPro® Pura Optimus On Demand Upflow water softener is the most advanced and efficient 3/4″ water softener system available! Our Exclusive SoftPro® Pura Optimus On Demand metered  Upflow water softener sets the new standard for 3/4″ water softeners, offering more features and is designed to make installation easier and faster than any other water softener available today! Get it all with SoftPro® Pura Optimus Upflow water softener the Upflow water softener can save you up to 75% on salt and 64% on water. Compared to other water softeners the SoftPro® Pura Optimus High-Efficiency water softener sets the standards high for water softeners for high efficiency and performance. The SoftPro® Pura Optimus outperforms all other 3/4″ water softeners on the market.®-upflow-premiere-3-4-high-efficiency-water-softener

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