Carbon Filter

Upflow Carbon Filter using a In/Out upflow valve that works by forcing water down through the distributor tube in the middle of the tank and then filters up through the carbon media from underneath, raising the media to help prevent channeling.

This systems requires no electricity and no drain making them very easy to install because there are only in/out ports and very cost effective Non-Backwashing carbon filter works well in city water applications to remove Chlorine, Pesticides, Herbicides, heavy metals and volatile organic chemicals.

Fleck Upflow Catalytic Carbon Filter

Activated carbon removes chlorine by a chemical reaction that oxidizes the carbon surface.

We do not recommend using these systems on private well water.

Key Features of the upflow carbon filter

  • Whole House System | High Flow & Complete Filtration!
  • Carbon filter removes tastes, odors, chemicals, chlorine
  • Upflow tank for better filtration, no backwashing, no electricity, and no waste water!
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance


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