1" Inline "T" Sand Separator Housing with Flush Valve

Higher impact, molded, non-corrosive filters with reusable polyester filter screens. Clear sump permits the monitoring of trapped sediment. 1/2" MIPT drain cleanout with cap. 1" 20 GPM, 60 Mesh.

A sand separator is utilized for water purification. Shield your equipment with this sand separator to prevent plugging and other issues related to sand and sediment.

Sand Separator Filter, 1" Inline "T" Profile, 20 GPM, 60 Mesh

  • Size: 1” - 60 Mesh (254 microns) with an opening of 0.010"
  • Max stress: 150 PSI
  • Flow capacity: 1-20 GPM - suitable for most residential applications
  • Material: higher impact, molded polyester filter screens - non-corrosive and weather-resistant
  • PVC body (transparent cover)
  • The unit comes with a ball (flush) valve which allows fast and easy purging of collected sediment.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality NSF listed, FDA grade materials
  • Prevents wear and tear to your pipes brought on by sand, silt, and algae.
  • Helps extend the lifespan from the cartridges, water filtration method, appliances, etc.

This system is perfect for filtering out course sediment without the need for cartridge replacement (as utilized in our Transportable RV Water Softener *hyperlink*)

How it works

The sand separator utilizes replaceable polyester screens that filter the sediment. Sometimes, the sediment will have to be removed. Simply open the ball valve (red deal with) to allow water stress to flush out sediments. Having a clear sump permits monitoring of trapped sediment.

Sand Separator Filter, 1" Inline "T" Profile, 20 GPM, 60 Mesh


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