Iron Filter Partial Terminator System

Iron Filter Partial Terminator System

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Iron Filters

Eliminate sulfur without the use of expensive chemicals. If you have iron or manganese in water look at the complete terminator systems.


Iron Filters Partial Terminator System Details: Eliminate sulfur without the use of expensive chemicals with The Terminator. The Terminator can correct rotten egg odors from sulfur and also release excessive gasses by trapping the gasses and separating then from the water, letting the gasses rise to to of tank and releasing out a air release valve at top of tank. Terminator systems are not recommended for water systems using a jet pump.

Iron Filters Partial Terminator AIR1044B Water tight air injector, 10 x 54: structural air precipitation tank, 3/4" valve with air release vent, Terminator air injection and precipitation system, removes sulfur from the water

Does Not include: Filter Tank consisting of Birm media, and Fleck control valve.
Can be paired with Fleck Birm filter to make complete terminator system.