Life Water Ionizer MXL-7™ – Alkaline Water + Hydrogen Unit

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Life Water Ionizer MXL-7™ – Alkaline Water + Hydrogen Unit

Your perfect introduction into alkaline water…

Mid-range price, top of the line performance. The 7 plate water ionizer that crushes the competition… No other 7 plate water ionizer can compete with the performance, water purity, or warranty.

The Life Ionizers Next Generation MXL-7 water ionizer combines 7 huge titanium platinum-coated plates with up to 450 watts of power to create the strongest alkaline water in its class! No matter the pH of your source water, the MXL-7 will produce the highest quality alkaline and acidic water possible. Not only will your water be alkaline and anti-oxidant rich, but you will also be drinking the purest water on the market. With every water ionizer, we complete a water quality analysis and customize the filtration on every unit for your specific water. Combine this with BPA-free tubing and the Life Next Generation M-Series ensures that your water is the cleanest possible.

The space-saving, compact design, and sleek look allow the Life Ionizer Next Generation MXL-7 to fit beautifully into any kitchen.

Life Water Ionizer MXL-7™ – Alkaline Water + Hydrogen Unit

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Life Water Ionizer MXL-7™ – Alkaline Water + Hydrogen Unit

** These XL technologies are only available on the MXL Series Ionizers. Ultraviolet XL only available on MXL-7 model and up.

Life Water Ionizer MXL-7™ – Alkaline Water + Hydrogen Unit


  • 💧 Counter Top Installation
  • 💧 7 XL Matrix GRID™ Plates
  • 💧 450 Watts XL Power™ SMPS
  • 💧 Life MicroMembrane™ Technology
  • 💧 2.5 – 11.0 pH Range
  • 💧 Up to -307 ORP at Drinkable 9.5 pH
  • 💧 10 Year Labor | Lifetime Parts Warranty
  • 💧 Customized Filtration Pre-Filters
  • 💧 Top Loading One-Click Filters ™
  • 💧 Advanced RADC Self-Cleaning
  • 💧 Black/Graphite | Color Options
  • 💧 Dimensions | 12.5″ W x 6.25″ D x 15″ H
  • 💧 110v-220v International Voltage
  • 💧 Designed in California | Manufactured at our factories in South Korea


Soft, Clean Water For Less Than A Coffee A Day

Quality Water Treatment provides several financing options to make your investment in soft, clean water for your home and family easy.

Multiple options including 4 interest-free payments.

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Helping people with clean, quality water.

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Here at Quality Water Treatment, we want to do more than just provide you and your family with safe, clean, and healthy water.

We want to provide safe, clean, and healthy water to those in need.

That’s why we’ve partnered with, a well established 501c3 non-profit organization, that is changing the lives of those in need with their efforts to transform water in countries where access to clean water is scarce.

Your purchase today will provide safe, clean drinking water to a family of five in Nicaragua or Africa for a full year!

With your purchase, you can also be a part of the solution in helping us transform water for the betterment of humanity.

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