Assembly & Installation Videos

SoftPro Water Softeners

How to program your

SoftPro Elite City Water Softener

SoftPro Elite Well Water Softener

How to program your

SoftPro Katalox Iron Filter

PDF Installation Guide INSTALLATION GUIDE: Katalox Iron Filter

How to program your

SoftPro Iron Master Filter

PDF Installation Guide INSTALLATION GUIDE: Iron Master Filter

SoftPro PH Filter/PH Neutralizer


SoftPro IronMaster AIO Iron Filter

Programming Video

Quantum Water Softener

How to program your

Quantum/ Pura Water Softener

Programming/ Installation Videos

Fleck Water Softeners

Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener

Installation Video


Mediaguard Installation

For Fleck Water Softeners

Fleck 2510 Water Softener

Installation Video



Drop Water Softeners

DROP City Water Softener

DROP Remote

PDF Installation Guide INSTALLATION GUIDE: DROP User Guide

DROP Leak Detectors

DROP Home Protection Value

DROP Pump Controller

How It works

Pump controller breakdown

PUMP CONTROLLER Consumer Benefits

DROP Salt Sensor

PDF Installation Guide SALES SHEET: Salt Sensor Sales Sheet

Vavle Installation

DROP Commercial

PDF Installation Guide SALES SHEET: DROP ProPlex Sales Sheet

DROP ProPlex Commercial

Vavle Troubleshooting

Vavle Sizing

PDF Installation Guide INSTALLATION MANUAL: DROP Commercial Valve Manual

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