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Enjoy Safe, Filtered Drinking Water for Your Family

Remove up to 96% of contaminants found in residential tap water including chlorine, lead, nitrates, chromium, arsenic, toxic heavy metals, organic impurities, fluoride, bacteria, viruses. This 5 stage filter systems remove up to 1,000+ contaminants and does it at a 75 gallon per day filtering capacity.

New! High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System!

Traditional RO's waste up to 300% to 400% more water than the High-Efficiency SoftPro Green! Use only 1/3 of that amount with the SoftPro high-efficiency RO water filtration system! With an incredibly low 1 to 1 water waste ratio, that's only 1 gallon of waste to a gallon made! SoftPro RO saves you money and is much better for our environment!

Eliminate Acidity From Your Drinking Water

Advanced Alkalizing Filter Upgrade

Replace the traditional post-carbon filter with the Advanced Alkalizing Filter option to raise the pH level to eliminate acidic water while adding minerals back into the water after it passes through the membrane.

What's Included

This is a complete 5-stage reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system. (1) 4-stage depth sediment filter, (2) carbon block filters made of coconut shell activated carbon, (1) thin-film composite 75 gallons per day reverse osmosis membrane, (1) activated in-line carbon post-filtration, (1) 3.2-gallon water storage tank. The package also includes an install kit with accessories.

5 Stages of Treatment for Great Tasting, Healthy Drinking Water


Become A Designer... Choose Your Faucet Style & Color For Free!

Only Quality Water Treatment provides 24 faucet styles and color choices with the SoftPro Green RO Filter System.

NOTE: After placing your order, immediately email us your faucet style and color

By default, the Modern Chrome faucet (8883-CP, most popular style) will be shipped.


Easy Operation 


SoftPro Green RO water system carries a 5 year manufacturer warranty.


The Nitty Gritty...


Soft, Clean Water For Less Than A Coffee A Day

Quality Water Treatment provides several financing options to make your investment in soft, clean water for your home and family easy.

Multiple options including 4 interest-free payments.

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Helping people with clean, quality water.

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Here at Quality Water Treatment, we want to do more than just provide you and your family with safe, clean, and healthy water.

We want to provide safe, clean, and healthy water to those in need.

That’s why we’ve partnered with, a well established 501c3 non-profit organization, that is changing the lives of those in need with their efforts to transform water in countries where access to clean water is scarce.

Your purchase today will provide safe, clean drinking water to a family of five in Nicaragua or Africa for a full year!

With your purchase, you can also be a part of the solution in helping us transform water for the betterment of humanity.

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