Valve - 760, 762 Logix Electronic 255 Metered Softener Control

Valve - 760, 762 Logix Electronic 255 Metered Softener Control

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762 Logix Electronic Meter Control Timer Assembly on the Autotrol 255 Softener Valve. NOTE: Currently shipping newest version, the 762 Logix, as it has more program options.

The 255/762 computer/demand control system combines design simplicity with reinforced NORYL construction to provide you with an uncommonly reliable appliance. The inherent reliability for the system means a long life of efficient, trouble-free, uninterrupted soft water luxury

Should maintenance become necessary, the Series 255 offers a unique "separation" capability. Other components, such as the computer control, are modular, making it by far the most home-owner friendly valve on the market.

Here's a few of the key features of the 255 valve:

* Single motor provides all the power to turn camshaft - no solenoids are needed!
* Unique camshaft / flapper valve design - no dynamic seals (such as piston and seal or rotary discs) that could cause leakage through wear or fatigue.
* Built-in brine control valve - no external brine float needed!
* Direct acting system functions independent of water pressure. No pistons or diaphragms that require a minimum water pressure to operate.
* Valve may be indexed manually without power in the event of an extended power outage.

The two key features of the 762 Logix demand system are the microprocessor, and a water meter located on the valve outlet. The flow of soft water through the turbine meter generates electrical impulses that tell the computer the amount of water being used. Every day, at 2:00 am, the past 7 days' water usage is statistically analyzed to anticipate the amount of water that will be used the next day. The computer then determines if the softener has enough remaining capacity to supply the next day's needs - if not, the unit will regenerate. If the water usage pattern changes, the computer automatically compensates for the change and regenerates only when needed. This results in higher operating efficiency and lower salt usage compared to other systems.

Here's a few of the key features of the 762 Logix computer control softener valve:

* Only one moving part - the turbine in the water meter. No reduction gears like other units!
* NOVRAM chip retains programming information in the event of a power outage.
* Self-adjusting reserve - keeps it to a minimum for optimum efficiency.
* Flow indicator flashes whenever water is flowing through the valve.
* Calendar override feature can be programmed to initiate a regeneration at a fixed interval if water usage has not been enough to trigger it - beneficial on iron-bearing water.

5 year parts warranty, owners/service manual, and our technical support number included with each new valve.