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Water Ionizer IonHealth by Aqua Ionizer Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Water Ionizer IonHealth by Aqua Ionizer - Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer

  • 💧 pH Range 2.7 to 11.5
  • 💧 -950 ORP & ​9 Plates
  • 💧 280 Watts SMPS
  • 💧 1.6ppm Hydrogen
  • 💧 Lifetime Cleaning
  • 💧 Strong Acidic Water
  • 💧 Intensive Filtration
  • 💧 Automatic Cleaning
  • 💧 Easy front door filter replacement
  • 💧 9 Solid platinum-coated plates
  • 💧 Energy saving 280 watt SMPS power supply
  • 💧 Can handle all water quality types: Well & RO
  • 💧 Automatic cross cleaning system
  • 💧 5 Languages to choose from
  • 💧 120v/240v compatible
  • 💧 Industry best lifetime warranty

Water Ionizer IonHealth by Aqua Ionizer - Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer

Other Specifications

  • 💧 Origin: Made in Korea 
  • 💧 Voltage: AC 100~240V, 48~63Hz, SMPS Free Volt
  • 💧 Power consumption: 170 VA
  • 💧 Size of main body: 385㎜(H)×284㎜(W)×134㎜(D)
  • 💧 Weight of the main body: Gross weight 5kg, Net weight 4 kg
  • 💧 Operation method: Connecting to tap water, Continuing operation, One-touch Switch
  • 💧 Temperature of source water: 4 ~ 55℃
  • 💧 Available water pressure: 0.5~ 6Kg/㎤
  • 💧 Production amount: Max. 3ℓ/min (alkali water 2 ℓ/min)
  • 💧 Electrolyte method: 4 phases of alkali water pH 8.5~10.0, 2 phases of acid water, 1 phase of purified water
  • 💧 Cleaning method: Automated cleaning
  • 💧 Filter longevity: Filter 1-4 months, Filter 2 – 8 months
  • 💧 Filter material: HDPP, Carbon block, Activated Carbon Granular, Sediment, Calcium Sulfite, Anti-bacterial Ceramic, Anion Ceramic
  • 💧 Protection system: Fuse 3A, bimetal, built-in temperature sensor
  • 💧 Other Features: color LCD display, SMPS Power Supply, Supporting 5 language, water qualities in 7 levels


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