FilterSorb Replacement Media, 5 Liters

5 Liters of Filtersorb replacement media for salt-free water softener techniques. Good for 9x48" and 10x44" tanks.

FilterSorb is a white modified ceramic medium that removes scale from plumbing accessories and units using an advanced salt-free technology elimination:

  • Descaling effect - removes scale from water lines and water heaters
  • Scale safety effect - prevents scale from forming

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  • Doesn’t add salt, unsafe minerals, or chemicals to your water
  • No Pharmaceuticals
  • No Chlorine
  • No bacteria growth
  • Results in healthy minerals (calcium and magnesium) in the water
  • Doesn't decrease your water's pH level
  • Cost savings
  • No repairs for your plumbing and extends the life of household appliances
  • No electricity needed
  • No costly regeneration or even backwashing
  • No salt and salt storage expenses
  • No maintenance
  • Healthier searching hair and skin
  • Doesn’t require a drain
  • Doesn’t squander any water from rejection
  • Minor space requirements
  • Easy installation

FilterSorb Replacement Media, 5 Liters

Effective average lifespan will be 3-5 years, depending on water conditions.

3 liters of FILTERSORB® SP3 treats temporary hardness up to 450 ppm in the flow rate of 1 m3/h (GPM).

NSF 61 Certified

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