Atmospheric Water Generator - Air to Water H2O Machine AWG - Create Water From Air

Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)
By H2O Machine

Generate Water from Air

Makes up to 18 Gal / 70 L per day of healthy, safe filtered alkaline drinking water

... just about anywhere!

  • Water Production: 18 Gal / 70L per day
  • Phone App: Remotely Monitoring and Control.
  • Purified, Alkaline Water
  • Quiet Operation
  • 10 & 5 Year Warranty

Performance and results

The H2O Machine value

Up to

18 Gal/d

Water Production




Healthy Alkaline

~8.2 pH

Drinking Water

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG)

Key Factors


Convert water from
air locally.

Whether you are an elite athlete or toddler, water quality is important for good health.

AWGs convert air into purifed water with no contaminants or toxins from ground water sources.


Reduce transport logistics
and carbon emissions.

By generating water locally, it radically reduces the carbon footprint, transportation logistics, infrastructure waste.

Keep our earth green.


Subvert water problems,
contamination/ disasters.

Life is full of surprises. Flood, water contamination, disasters with infrastructure can pollute drinking water.

With a reliable AWG, you can generate purified water in just about any circumstance. 

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG)

Benefits of Water Independence

Atmospheric water generators (AWGs) converts the humidity in the surrounding air into water... much like water distilling. 

This water is free of toxins, contaminants, bacteria, viruses and pathogens. 

Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)

Huh? How to convert air to Water...

Water production performance depends on the air & humidity quality... check out this video.

The H2O Machine collects the humid air and filters it to bring the air to it's dew point.

Then, it is further filtered to create clean, healthy, and filtered alkaline drinking water.

Air to Water H2O System Technology

The 6 Stage Total Filtration

The H2O Machine Process

Filters out bacteria down to an incredible 1 PPM (Parts per million)!

More Benefits

The H2O Machine (AWG)

5 STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM - ensuring the water is both safe and healthy to drink.

The average pH dispensed is between 7 and 8.5 and the filters are changed annually.

  • Reduce Waste: Protect the environment and reduce plastic use.
  • Premium Drinking Water: Healthy, Clean drinkable water!
  • Filters: Unique 5-Stage Antibacterial Filtration.
  • Quiet: Runs quietly and efficiently.
  • App-Controlled: Monitor and control the machine from your phone.
  • Iron Clad Warranty:
    5 year warranty covers everything!
    10 year warranty on the compressor.

Improve Your pH to Alkaline Water

Drinking Acidic Water... nah!

Drink Healthy, Alkaline Water.

Acidic water (pH < 7) is not good for your health.

  • Corrosive
    Acidic water can corrode pipes and fixtures, leading to the release of toxic metals.
  • Digestive Issues:
    Drinking acidic water can cause digestive issues such as acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach pain.
  • Increased Risk Of Cancer:
    Studies have linked acidic water to an increased risk of cancer, particularly bladder cancer.
  • Dehydration:
    Acidic water can lead to dehydration as it can cause the body to lose fluids more quickly than normal.
  • Tooth Decay:
    Acidic water can erode tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and other dental problems.
  • Reduced Nutrient Absorption:
    Acidic water can reduce the body's ability to absorb nutrients from food, leading to nutrient deficiencies.

Drink healthy pH alkaline water.

Raise the pH of the water from acidic water to an alkaline non-corrosive state of over 7.0 pH level.

Air to Water H2O Machine

  • Dimensions: 14.5” x 16.5” x 42.5“ stacked
  • Water Storage Tank Weight: 41 lbs (dry)
  • Harvestor Weight: 86 lbs (dry)
  • Solar Compatible: Yes (not included)
  • Air Filtration: Thick Pre-Filter Media with Anti-Bacterial Coating
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Specs and Install Info

The Details...

Humidity Requirements:
Atmosheric water generators require a minimum of ~35% humidity to produce water. Humidity levels will affect the amount of water generated.
Please check your area.

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