Atmospheric Water Generator - Air to Water H2O Machine

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Air to Water H2O System Technology

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5 STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM - ensuring the water is both safe and healthy to drink. The average pH dispensed is between 7 and 8.5 and the filters are changed annually.

  • 💧 Reduce Waste: Protect the environment and reduce plastic use.
  • 💧 Premium Drinking Water: Healthy, Clean drinkable water!
  • 💧 Filters: Unique 5-state Antibacterial Filtration.
  • 💧 Quite: Runs quietly and efficiently.
  • 💧 App-Controlled: Monitor and control the machine from our app.
  • 💧 Iron Clad Warranty: 5-year warranty covers everything! (10-year warranty on the compressor)

Air to Water H2O Machine

Other Specifications
  • 💧 Water Generation Capacity: Up to 10-20 Gallons per day (depending on humidity)
  • 💧 Dimensions: 19” x 20” x 23“ (Storage) & 21” x 21” x 37” (Generator)
  • 💧 Machine Weight: 145 lbs combined
  • 💧 Power Usage: 115V/60Hz Wattage: 1700W Max. 15 Amps
  • 💧 Solar Compatible: Yes
  • 💧 Air Filtration: Thick Pre-Filter Media
  • 💧 Water Filtering: 5-Stage Antibacterial Filtration (Replaced Annually)- Bacteria Down to 1ppm
Soft, Clean Water For Less Than A Coffee A Day

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With your purchase, you can also be a part of the solution in helping us transform water for the betterment of humanity.

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