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Quality Water Treatment has been providing high-quality, safe, and healthy water treatment solutions to families and businesses for over 3 decades.


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“Quality water is essential to all life.”

The Founder, Craig Phillips, also known as “the water guy”, learned the true value of having quality water.

Over 30 years ago, as a young man recommending and installing water systems, Craig helped families experience the true benefits of safe, healthy quality water.

Craig continued his passion to recommend the best water treatment solutions to families and businesses.

He founded Quality Water Treatment in 1990, and today it is the leader in advising and comparing proper, high-value water treatment solutions.


Empower people to live healthier, happier lives by providing quality water solutions for them and their loved ones.

We provide water softeners, filtration, and water treatment solutions to achieve the highest water quality possible for the unique needs of your home or business.

On top of that, our team of experienced water treatment consultants provide professional product comparisons and reviews, water quality analysis and reports, technical support and practical advice.

We deeply value the long-term relationships that we develop with our customers.

At Quality Water Treatment, we've also invested in artificial intelligence to power our Water Intelligence System technology to educate our customers with transparent information regarding their own water supply.

We call this technology, WISDOM.

WISDOM uses data from multiple sources including the EPA, CDC, NIH, State and Local Water Utility Companies to provide you with a comprehensive water analysis report.

Included in this water analysis report is our proprietary Water Score to inform you about the water quality in your area when making choices about your health and safety.

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If you have any questions, our team of water treatment consultants are here to help you.

Feel free to connect with us by chat, email or just give us a call.

Our goal is to help you and your family live healthier and happier lives by providing accurate information on quality water treatment solutions.

Wishing you and everyone an amazing day.

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