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Order Shipping FAQ's

Shipper Tracking Numbers

24-48 Update

Once your order is shipped, please allow 24-48 hours for systems to update your shipping tracking number/s.

Multiple Deliveries & Tracking

Multiple Tracking Numbers

Some orders may require multiple shipments with different tracking #’s.

Multiple Delivery Days:
Shipments may be delivered at different days, as applicable.

Upright Deliveries

Shipment on its side, upside-down?

This is ok.
Your order is packaged very well.

The shipping company may deliver packages on its side or upside-down.

⚠️📷 If the exterior is damaged, please photo and video the damage. This is required. Then please send to us for review.

Inspect Shipment

Any exterior damage?

Check for shipping damage for each delivery.

⚠️📷 If damaged, please photo and video the damage. This is required. Then please send to us for review.

Then unpack/ inspect for all parts in that shipment.

Inspect, then Schedule Your Install

Hiring an installer?

Inspect the shipment/s for all parts. Multiple deliveries may be required.

Afterwards, then schedule the install appointment.

Some installers may still charge even if the complete shipment has not yet been delivered.

Tank Spill Cap

Damage to the spill cap?

If the spill cap is damaged, this is OK.

The spill cap is temporary to keep the media in the tank.

The media will re-position itself and operate as intended. 


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