Structured Water Products

What Are The Benefits Of Structured Water? 

  • Softer Skin and Hair! - Increased absorption that results from structured water results in softer feeling water and less irritating effects from Chlorine while drinking and showering.  
  • Reduction In Scale -  By changing the structure of water, it also often changes the structure of substances in the water into shapes that are easily broken up and carried away. This results in less deposit in showerheads, hot water heaters, swimming pools, dishwashers, glass, plate & silverware, valves, filters, and pipes.
  • Increased Cellular Function - Structured Water can aid in more effectively removing toxins from the body due to its increased ability to pick up, surround and isolate toxins. This allows for more efficient removal of toxins through natural elimination and delivers more nutrients and energy at the same time.  
  • Increased Oxygen - Increased Oxygen in the water more effectively and passively oxidizes chemicals, while providing additional available oxygen and hydrogen for hydration to aid biological cellular maintenance and formation.  

How Does It Work? 

Designed to mimic nature through motion and material, structured water Units are manufactured to a very high standard and undergo rigorous quality control. Unique innovative design established a vortex motion within the water, restoring vital properties. These devices are affordable, sustainable, compact, easy to use and simple to install. 

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