Salt-Free Water Softeners

Salt-Free Water Softeners

What is a Water Softener?

Salt-based water softeners reduce the hardness of water by replacing the minerals through an ion exchange process that cause hardness in water, like calcium and magnesium. SoftPro Natural Soft Salt-Free Water Conditioner system neutralizes these minerals so they don’t stick to surfaces, instead of removing them from your water.

How a Water Softener Works

Our salt-free water softener naturally softens water without salt, brine discharge, or the use of electricity. It works by taking minerals from solution through precipitation as well as reducing the water’s surface tension. More importantly, this is done without the use of chemicals to produce a certified 99.6% success rate in scale prevention. The hard water minerals become “crystallized”, which means they will no longer adhere to surfaces, like the inside of your pipes and household appliances. 


SoftPro Water is one of the market leaders in salt-free water softening systems, our Natural Soft Salt-Free Water Conditioner provides several benefits including prolonging the lifespan and effectiveness of household appliances and providing your family and pets with better drinking water. Our softener is virtually maintenance-free care, eco-friendly, and easy to install.

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