Triple O Ozone 100 sq. ft. Filter Cartridge

Triple O Ozone System


The filter module (with one hundred sq. ft) is really a component of the Triple O Ozone system, which hangs inside the tank.

Once the filter becomes difficult to clean or appears worn out, it is time for you to replace it.

Genuine Triple O Ozone Water Treatment Component


  • Size: 10.0" diameter x 20.0" tall
  • Material: one hundred sq. ft. non-woven polyester
  • Function: Used in filter module; continuously filters, ozonates, and circulates water in the storage tank.


Regular cleaning of your system's filter is essential to help keep the system operating at peak efficiency. 

How to Clean:

In cleaning your filter, it is essential to spray the collected debris off of the filter pleats (scrubbing or utilizing cleaning agents are not necessary).

The staining of pleats is normal and cleaning will not turn it white. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

When to Clean Filter

The time between filter cleaning will vary according to the severity and kind of water issues, the condition of your holding tank prior to the system installation, and also the everyday quantity of water usage.

Determining the cleaning interval for your filter

Method 1:

Perform the very first filter cleaning in 10 to 14 days following initial begin-up.

If the filter is not "loaded" (more than 1/2 of the filter pleat depth filled with particulates) with particulates, clean again in 30 days.

If the filter condition is clean at:
*30-day cleaning - cleaning can be scheduled to each 60 days

*60 days- extend cleaning schedule to each 90 days

Method 2:

If the filter is "loaded" in the initial 10-14 day cleaning, continue cleaning at 2-week intervals till the filters are no longer loaded.

This bi-weekly cleaning will probably be needed if your tank features a large number of deposits on the tank walls.

The water therapy method will remove these deposits off the tank walls to attain a point of stabilization.

Once your tank has stabilized, extend your cleaning interval to 30 days.

If the filter situation is clean at:

*30 days - cleaning can be scheduled to every 60 days

*60 days - extend cleaning schedule to each 90 days

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