Triple O Ozone Diffuser Assembly

Triple O Ozone Diffuser

The Triple O Ozone system consists of an Ozone Diffuser that creates millions of ozone saturated bubbles. 

How it works:

The Triple O Diffuser (bubble maker) is attached to the ozone tubing and sits towards the bottom from the filter module.

The diffuser is needed to disperse tiny ozone bubbles all through the storage and creates a contact recirculating draw through the filter module check valve. 



Regular cleaning of one's system's diffuser is essential to keep the method operating at peak efficiency.

This generally requires about 10-15 minutes and demands no tools.

The diffuser will turn out to be blocked over time with contaminants e.g. iron, manganese, calcium, and so on.

This will reduce the ozone flow and also the water flow.

  • Step 1: Eliminate the handle assembly to gain access to the diffuser.
  • Step 2: Dip your diffuser in muriatic acid for about 30 seconds.
  • Step 3: Rinse with water until the diffuser has turned white again. This process cleans the tiny pores blocked with contaminants. Repeat the cleaning process if essential.


*Make certain the ozone hose has been disconnected from the manhole barb fitting as covered under filter cleaning, so no ozone gas is flowing via the diffuser.

If ozone gas is flowing through the diffuser, it will keep the acid from cleaning the diffuser pores and produce excess acid fumes.

**Sulfur is not soluble in muriatic acid.  If the diffuser is plugged with sulfur, clean with muriatic then rinse thoroughly and soak for 15 minutes in concentrated chlorine answer. Do a final rinse.


If maintenance is not done correctly then diffuser will turn out to be plugged which can cause the air pump bellows to break and/or pump to burn out.

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