Triple O Ozone Generator 120 volt or 230 volt

Triple O Ozone Generator 120 volt or 230 volt

Replacement generator for the Triple O Ozone system.

Available in 120 and 230 volts.

The Triple O Ozone method utilizes an ozone generator (UV lamp inside) in mixture with an air pump. 

This system continuously aerates your water tank with tiny ozone saturated bubbles to oxidize and kill numerous impurities from your well water.


These bubbles provide the pumping action to continually circulate and filter the entire contents of one's holding tank at the rate of about 10 GPM (600 gallons per hour more than 14,000 gallons per day).

The outcome is refreshing, delicious, top-quality water.


Eliminate Massive Amounts of Well Water Contaminants

Use only genuine Triple O System and parts

  • Chemical-Free & Efficient Operation... Pure Oxygen is the Byproduct
  • Kill Bacteria*, Virsuses, Algae, Fungus, Mold and Yeast (*Details below.)
  • Reduce Iron, Mangense, Sulfur Content, heavy metals and oils
  • Improve water discoloration, cloudiness and odors
  • Provide constant water tank circulation
  • Improve pH Levels

The Triple O system uses an ozone generator in combination with an air pump to continuously aerate your water tank with micro-sized ozone saturated bubbles. This then oxidizes to eliminate many of the contaminants in your well water.

The result is refreshing, delicious, high quality water throughout your home.

Safe & Quality Well Water

Why Genuine Triple O Stands Above The Crowds

Up to

5 Grams/ Day

Safe Level Ozone Creation

Up to

10,000 Gal/ Day

Filter Rate


1K to 10K Gal.

Storage Tank


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