Triple O Ozone UV Light Assembly Replacement Lamp

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Triple O Ozone UV Light Assembly Replacement Lamp

Genuine Triple O
UV Lamp Replacement

The Triple O System has performance ozone technologies for well water treatment.

Inside the generator is an extremely high intensity ultraviolet (UV) light lamp that produces an ozone water treatment solution.

The ozone treatment design helps deodorize and sanitize those hard to reach places in your gear, creating sure you get a greater than 99.9% kill price of bacteria, algae, virus, fungus, and molds.

UV Lamp Replacement

Triple O Ozone UV Light Assembly Replacement Lamp

Due to the lamp glass "solarizing" and becoming more opaque to the ozone producing wavelength, ozone output is affected and reduces over time.

To keep the system working at maximum efficiency, it is highly suggested to replace the UV lamp every 18 months (per manufacturing recommendations).

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General Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Reusable Filter
  • Clean the Filter every 60 to 90 days (Depends on your water quality. Cleaning should not exceed every 90 days.)
  • UV Bulb Replacement - Every 18 months

Normal cleaning of the filter module is simple. See the details.

Details on Maintenance & Cleaning

Well Water Issues

The Triple O Advantage

So many benefits for stubborn well water

Heavy Metals:
Iron and Manganese

These heavy metals stain clothes, household fixtures and laundry. They also negatively make an unpleasant odor and taste in your water. Iron and manganese can be removed though a process of oxidation and/ or filtration.

The Triple O System oxidizes heavy metals which will bring the separate help it out from the water. The oxidized particles of the heavy metals are then filtered out.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Sulfur is unmistakably known by the “rotten egg” odor. Sulfur may be eliminated through oxidation and aeration.

The Triple O System can eliminate hydrogen sulfide, and it’s offensive “rotten egg” gas odor. It accomplishes this by rapidly oxidizing the sulfides in the water into sulfates. The system then constantly applies ozone aeration to keep the water fresh.

Acidic Water

Proper drinking water should have a pH level between 6.5 and 8.5 as acceptable by the EPA. A 7.0 pH is considered neutral, and anything lower is considered acidic. Acidic water can negatively affect health, and plumbing and appliance degradation.

The Triple O System can improve acidic water by raising low (acidic) pH levels of the water if the acidic water is affected by high carbon dioxide gas in the water. This system’s constant aeration of the water neutralizes CO2 gas, which will improve the pH level.

(Water Discoloration)

Discoloration in water that are caused by tannins can have a red and brown tint in the water. Tannins can be removed by chlorination, ozonation, reverse osmosis or activated carbon filtration. WARNING: Chlorine additives is not advised for this use. Chlorine has the protentional to create harmful THMs in your water. THMs are carcinogenic and is a byproduct of chlorine when it combines with organics in the water.

The Triple O System can help with discoloration of tannins in the water. The system will oxidize tannins to reduce the amount of tannins in the water. Note: Some tannins may be ozone resistant and thus are not readily removed by this process.

Water Hardness

Water hardness contains high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Water hardness is expensive as it negatively affects the longevity and maintenance of energy costs water heaters, water appliances, clothing, and well as increase the amount of cleaning effort, soaps and detergents. Water hardness can be removed using a water softener. Alternatively, water hardness can be mitigated with a water conditioner.

The Triple O System can help mitigate water hardness, similar to a water conditioner system. The system alters the molecular bonding capability of the water hardness minerals, which makes the water acts similar as soft water. This is an additional benefit of the Triple O System regarding hard water.

(Water Cloudiness)

Turbidity is a measurement of the relative clarity of water. Water cloudiness can be caused by oxidized metals. (Dirt, silt and colloidal clay can also cause water cloudiness.)

The Triple O system can remove oxidized metals to help clarify the water. If dirt, silt, or colloidal clay is present, these should be treated to be removed prior to entering the Triple O System for optimal performance.

Sulfates, Chlorides, Carbonates, Sodium, Other Dissolved Solids

Sulfates, Chlorides, Carbonates, Sodium and other dissolved solids can cause other issues especially if present at high levels. These can be removed by a water softener and reverse osmosis filtration system.

The Triple O System does not remove this category of dissolved solids in water.

E-Coli Bacteria, Fecal Bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Other Contaminants

These contaminants and toxins need to be addressed in your well water. High levels are unsafe for drinking and usage.

The Triple O System can help reduce some contaminants but is not rated as a primary contaminant removal system.

To ensure the safe remove contaminants, consult a quality water treatment expert. Further treatment systems may include a UV disinfection light and/ or a reverse osmosis filtration system.

A Natural Basic Element

Ozone Purification... What is that?

The Benefits of Ozone

Municipal water companies are increasilngly using ozone technology because of ozone's effectiveness in purifying and de-ordorizing water.

Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms (O3) that occurs naturally in the Earth's atmosphere.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, meaning it readily reacts with other substances, including microorganisms and contaminants in water.

When ozone is used for water purification, it acts as a disinfectant and removes impurities through a process called ozonation.

Here's a simplified explanation of how ozone purifies water:

Ozone purification offers several advantages, such as its strong disinfection capability, effectiveness against a wide range of pathogens, and minimal formation of harmful byproducts.

However, it's important to note that ozone is not typically used as the sole method of water treatment but rather as part of a comprehensive water purification system that may include other processes like filtration and chlorination.


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