Ultimate Well Water Test Kit (New & Improved for 2023)

Certified Well Water Testing 

Well Water Lab Testing Kits

We understand the significance of clean and safe drinking water for you and your loved ones.

If your primary water source is a well, ensuring its quality is of utmost importance.

That's why we're proud to offer our comprehensive Certified Well Water Testing Service – a solution designed to provide you with accurate and reliable information about the quality of your well water.

Certified Water Testing

What's in your water?

Testing lab facilities are certified, including ISO 17025 and NELAC. If you require certain certification, just ask us and we will take care of it.

Performance and results

Which Kit Is right for you?


54 Tests

Essential Basic Testing

Get a general overview of your water quality. 

If you don't suspect a problem with your source water, then this test will suffice.

This basic kit will aid in the proper water treatment and softener recommendations and sizing.


114 Tests

Basic + Comprehensive Testing

Added tests to check a wide range of natural and chemical toxic substances. 

This includes contaminants known to cause cancer. and other health issues.

Highly recommended if you live near farms, ranches, gas stations, commercial or industrial properties.

Test Options: Basic or Ultimate

Whats tested?

Typical Well Water Analysis + Bacteria Testing

The Basic Test Kit

Basic Testing for 54 essential Substances

All Water Kits Includes the Following Tests:  

  • 32 Heavy Metals & Minerals
  • 3 Bacteria Types
  • 12 Attributes
  • 1 Radioactive Elements
  • 4 Anions
  • 2 Fertilizers

Full, Comprehensive Water Analysis

✔️The Ultimate Test Kit

Basic + Comprehensive Testing for 114 Substances

  • Tests An Additional 60 Substances
  • Toxins known to cause cancer
  • Industrial Chemicals

Easy... Kits Ship To you

Collect. Ship. Results.

Step 1
Collect Water Sample

The water test kit will be shipped  direct to you.

Simply collect water samples in the provided containers, then ship it back to the lab for testing.

Return shipping packaging and a free, pre-paid shipping label are provided to you.

Step 2
Get your Report

Once the lab testing is complete, we compile the data into a detailed report.

This report is easy to understand and it will provide a clear overview of your well water's quality.

Step 3
Live Consultation

Got questions?... We got answers.

Our experts will contact you to provide live advice on the quality of your water, and if treatment systems can resolve issues, if any.


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