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The community drinking water of Greenlawn WD may possibly be tainted with lots of impurities like Monochloroacetic acid, Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs) and Nitrate, and may battle abnormally high scales of water hardness. Greenlawn WD serves your region with drinking water that originates its water supply from Groundwater.

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45 Railroad Street, Greenlawn, NY 11740

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Contaminants Detected In Huntington, New York

1,2,3-Trichloropropane; 1,4-Dioxane; Chromium (hexavalent); Bromodichloromethane; 1,1-Dichloroethane; Chlorate; Molybdenum; Strontium… more

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Limited Time: Free Water Safety Report for Greenlawn WD.


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1,3-Butadiene; Bromochloromethane; Bromomethane; Chlorodifluoromethane; Chloromethane; Cobalt; Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS); Perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHPA); Perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHXS); Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA); Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS); Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA); Vanadium

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The Greenlawn Drinking water District provides treatment at all of the wells to improve the standard of the water pumped just before distribution to the customer. The pH from the pumped water is usually adjusted upward to lessen the corrosive actions between the water and water mains and in-house plumbing by the addition of salt hydroxide. Granular triggered carbon filters are installed at Grow Nos. 3, eight, 11 and 13 to treat potable drinking water for the removal of risky organic compounds. A great air stripping treatment center is in service in Plant No . doze, also for removing volatile organic substances. Beginning in June 2010, the District likewise started to add a little bit of chlorine as a being a disinfectant agent to prevent the expansion of bacteria inside the distribution system. According to State regulations, the Greenlawn Water Area routinely monitors the drinking water for several parameters. We test out your drinking water for coliform bacteria, turbidity, inorganic contaminants, lead and copper, nitrate, risky organic contaminants, total trihalomethanes, and man-made organic contaminants. Because listed in this e-newsletter, over 135 individual parameters are examined for in all of our wells numerous occasions per year. The desk presented on the page a few depicts which guidelines or contaminants had been detected in the hydrant. It should be noted that many of those parameters are normally found in all Li drinking water and do not present any adverse wellness effects. SOURCE DRINKING WATER ASSESSMENT The NYSDOH, with assistance from the neighborhood health department, offers completed a resource water assessment with this system, based on obtainable information. Possible and actual threats for this drinking water source had been evaluated. The source drinking water assessment includes a susceptibility rating based on the danger posed by each potential source of contamination and exactly how rapidly contaminants may move through the subsurface to the wells. The susceptibility of a hydrant well to contaminants is dependent upon both the existence of potential causes of contamination within the well’s contributing area as well as the likelihood that the poison can travel through the surroundings to reach them very well. The susceptibility ranking is an estimate from the potential for contamination from the source water, will not mean that the water sent to consumers is, or perhaps will become contaminated. Make sure you refer to the section “Water Quality” for a set of the contaminants which have been detected. The source drinking water assessments provide source managers with more information for protecting resource waters into the future. As stated before, our drinking water is derived from 13 drilled wells. The source drinking water assessment has ranked most of the wells because of having a high susceptibility to industrial solvents and nitrates. The elevated susceptibility to nitrates is due mainly to point causes of permitted discharge services (industrial/commercial facilities that discharge wastewater into the environment and are controlled by the state and federal government), and activities associated with unsewered residential property use and actions, such as fertilizing yards. The susceptibility to industrial solvents is usually primarily due to stage sources of contamination associated with transportation routes and commercial/industrial activities inside the assessment area. A duplicate of the assessment, together with a map of the evaluation area, can be examined by contacting the District Office..

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The Greenlawn Water District was built up in July 1927. The main recorded minutes of the Board of Commissioners are dated August 8, 1927, and its first officers were Elwood Powell, G. Fred Ellis, and Edward Smith. Isaac R. Swezey was locked in as Counsel, and Harold C. Stevens as Engineer. The main very much was bored in 1928. For quite a while, this well and the 360,000-gallon standpipe on Alvord Court were the District's sole offices. Networks encompassing the first town territory were continuously added to the District, and today the expansions involve South Greenlawn, Laurel Hill, Commack, and South Elwood. The District limits extended to include thirteen square miles, generally limited on the north by Route 25A, on the east by Townline and Commack Roads, on the south by Jericho Turnpike, with Cherry Lane and Lake Road toward the west. As anyone might expect, as the District developed, so did its offices. The first standpipe, named "the water tower," was disassembled and supplanted by a 1,500,000-gallon capacity standpipe. During the 1950's, two huge stockpiling tanks were worked with a joined capacity of 1,500,000. A 3,000,000-gallon underground tank was included 1970 for much more prominent fire assurance. Participation with Fire Districts in the testing and support of fire hydrants turned into a bigger part of the District's support of the network. The quantity of Fire Districts developed from the Greenlawn Fire Department to include parts of Centerport, Commack, East Northport, Huntington Manor, and Dix Hills. The quantity of hydrants to be kept up developed from a dispersing to around 1,250. The District office on Railroad Street was augmented in 1957 and included a shop and carport in 1975. A telemetering system was introduced to encourage programmed activity of the siphoning stations and capacity tanks. Another storeroom, named "the huge red horse shelter", was included 2006. The present Board of Commissioners invests wholeheartedly in the arranging of new offices together with an achievement of an alternate sort… keeping our water rates low while meeting the present stringent water quality necessities..

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1) How a great deal is a mean monthly bill for water and sewer? This varies from household to family due to the fact your use is motivated by means of the quantity of human beings inside the family, the time of year, and different differences within the way you use water. Average residential utilization is about 4,000 gallons in keeping with month. Based on present day water and sewer rates, the average month-to-month bill for residential utilization within the City of Mount Airy is about $forty eight.50. Average residential utilization out of doors the City of Mount Airy is approximately 3,900 gallons. However, sewer carrier isn't always available to every location served out of doors the metropolis limits of Mount Airy. Based on modern-day water and sewer charges, the average month-to-month invoice for residential utilization outdoor the City of Mount Airy is about $forty six for water and $50 for sewer.Average residential utilization within the Flat Rock / Bannertown Water and Sewer District is about 2,900 gallons, sewer carrier isn't to be had to every area served inside the Flat Rock / Bannertown Water and Sewer District. Based on current water and sewer quotes, the common month-to-month bill for residential utilization inside the Flat Rock / Bannertown Water and Sewer District is approximately $41 for water and $44 for sewer.2) When is my software bill due? The cutting-edge prices due shown at the bill are payable within 10 days of the invoice date. Current costs are taken into consideration delinquent after the date proven because the due date. Questions regarding billed charges for carrier, bills, late consequences, and nonpayment prices ought to be directed to City of Mount Airy Water and Sewer at 336-786-3517. 3.What if I can not pay my invoice through the due date? If the quantity due for modern costs is not paid by way of the due date, the account will be concern to a five% (minimal charge of $25) overdue price that's carried out twenty 5 (25) days after the bill date. If you can not pay the full amount through the due date, it is able to be viable to set up installment payments through contacting a group representative at 336-786-3517. 4.If I can not pay my bill, will you disconnect my carrier? A nonpayment charge of $25 is carried out on all accounts with balances incredible as of the close of enterprise 25 days after the bill date. These debts are then scheduled for disconnection if now not paid by means of the close of enterprise forty days after the original invoice date. Reconnection may be made upon the price of quantities due. Five.What are my extraordinary options for price of my utility invoice? We provide a ramification of options via invoice payment, together with bank draft, on line price, and credit card charge. A entire listing of your options may be discovered by means of viewing our Utility Billing page. 6.How do I practice for water or sewer provider? Fill out an Application for Water and Sewer Service and mail or fax it to us at: City of Mount Airy Water Department PO Box 70 Mount Airy, NC 27030Our fax quantity is 336-719-7565. Or deliver it by means of our office at 300 South Main Street. Requests for brand spanking new provider may also be initiated by way of emailing us or by means of calling us at 336-786-3517. 7.How do I request my service to be disconnected? Fill out a Request for Disconnection of Water and Sewer Service and mail or fax it to us at: City of Mount Airy Water Department P.O. Box 70 Mount Airy, NC 27030Our fax quantity is 336-719-7565. Or bring it by our workplace at three hundred South Main Street. Requests for disconnection of water and sewer can also be initiated via emailing us or via calling us at 336-786-3517. 8.My software bill appears better than everyday. What can be the purpose of this? If you revel in a excessive utility invoice, you could need to consider the following:Although we strive to read your meter on or approximately the identical day each month, the date of the study may also vary. This can reason the range of days your invoice covers to differ.Frequent watering of your garden or flowersFrequent washing of vehicles at homeLeaky faucetsAn increase inside the number of human beings on your housePlumbing problemsA toilet that maintains to run after flushingSilent bathroom leaks (placed meals color inside the tank, do no longer flush; if colour seeps into the bowl you have a “silent leak”)Broken water strains (take a look at your backyard for wet spots).

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Greenlawn WD provides drinking water services to the public of Greenlawn and Huntington, New York.

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