How to Size Your Water Softener? (Calculator)

Our New 2021 Water Softener Sizing Calculator is Now Available!

How to Size Your Water Softener?

(Water Softener Calculator)

Important. One of the things that you want to do before purchasing a water softener is to make sure that you size it properly.

A properly sized water softener will work at peak performance to provide quality soft water. Softeners are engineered and calibrated for specific water usage.

An incorrectly sized water softener will cost you a fortune in upkeep and maintenance on the system. Abnormal system regeneration frequencies will cost more to operate and extra wear and tear.

Our new Water Intelligence System, WISDOM, uses advanced AI technology and algorithms to properly size and match water softeners.


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Water System Engineering & Experience

Water softener sizing requires a lot of experience. We've teamed with some of the best technology development teams to create the industry's first and only Water Intelligence System Domain, the WISDOM application. We just like to call her Wisdom.

Water Softener

Sizing Water Softeners

Craig, the Water Guy and CEO, talks about the importance of providing you and your family with the highest quality water available to you and your family... check it out...

Water Professionals vs. those big box stores ???

Talk to people who care...

Throughout the industry, correctly sizing and recommending water softener and treatment systems has been an inconsistent method especially for the opportunistic salesperson. You'll find that certain companies will tailor their methodology so that it will fit only their specific product.

From the inexperienced big box store salesperson like Home Depot and Lowe's to those in-home, high-pressure sales approach that Culligan and other closed off brands take; service, price, performance and value are, shall we say, “negotiable”?

Quality Water Treatment (“QWT”) has been changing that to offer a multitude of quality brands and products that focus on performance and value to our community. 

Water Intelligence System

Welcome Wisdom™!


Our new Water Intelligence System, WISDOM, uses advanced AI technology and algorithms to properly size and match water softeners and filter equipment.

  • Free, Easy & Instant
  • Sizing calculations for softeners and filters
  • Analyze water content
  • Get quality recommendations to match your specific needs

"Our QWT team culture is all about embracing new improved designs, efficiency, innovations, real value and applications that just simply work for our customers."

- Craig Phillips, Founder

In a way, it’s understandable that water softener sizing can differ because water quality and contents coupled with the assortment of applications and usage from our customers and businesses play into numerous factors and calculations.

Then, trying to match the best water softener and treatment systems to meet a customer’s unique requirements becomes very daunting for honest solution providers, at least that was in the past.

Wisdom was born and evolved to analyzes your specific water quality, and like a super-computer, consistently make proper recommendations.

Water Intelligence System Domain

WISDOM™... the Ultimate Water Softener Sizing Calculator

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  • Detailed Sizing Requirement Analysis Provided
  • Accounts for Water Quality & Content Factors
  • Comprehensive Product Recommendations
  • Water Score Report on Your Water Quality

Wwith our vast experience and knowledge, comes a duty to our customers.

As we move into our modern world, our team has been diligently developing, improving, an innovating new technology and applications to better serve our community.

With over 30+ years in the water treatment and softener industry, we are applying our real-world experience and knowledge into a one-of-kind, new artificial intelligence application.

Welcome Wisdom... our new Water Intelligence System Domain application.


Meet WISDOM™.. our Easy, No Hassle Sizing Calculator


Let Wisdom do the work... she loves it and has over 30+ years of experience built-in. 

Take the guess work out... Click below.

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Fun & easy to get sizing, recommendations and analysis based on your unique needs.


Water Softener Sizing

Primary Factors For Proper Water Softener Sizing

Additional Factors Regarding Well Water Sizing:


Check your well pump flow rate... Easy as 1, 2, 3...

For well water applications, it is very important you have these figures before purchasing a water softener, pH neutralizer or iron filter package.

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