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The neighborhood drinking water in Manhattan Beach Water Department may be polluted by numerous contaminants including but not limited to Formaldehyde, Caffeine and Atrazine, and struggle with high tiers of water hardness. Manhattan Beach Water Department services your county with drinking water which originates its water supply from Purchased surface water.

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Manhattan Beach, California

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Purchased surface water

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1400 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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Contaminants Detected In Manhattan Beach, California

Bromate; Bromodichloromethane; Chloroform; Chromium (hexavalent); Dibromochloromethane; Dichloroacetic acid; Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs); Trichloroa… more

Manhattan Beach Dinking Water Utility

For a Limited Time - Get the Manhattan Beach Water Department Official Water Score Report for Free.


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Manhattan Beach Water Department

Annual Drinking Water Report

List of Drinking Water Contaminants Tested by Manhattan Beach Water Department

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1,1,1,2-Tetrachloroethane; 1,1,1-Trichloroethane; 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane; 1,1,2-Trichloroethane; 1,1-Dichloroethane; 1,1-Dichloroethylene; 1,1-Dichloropropene; 1,2,3-Trichlorobenzene; 1,2,3-Trichloropropane; 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene; 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene; 1,2-Dichloroethane; 1,2-Dichloropropane; 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene; 1,3-Butadiene; 1,3-Dichloropropane; 1,3-Dichloropropene; 1,4-Dioxane; 2,2-Dichloropropane; 2-Chloroethylvinyl ether; Alachlor (Lasso); Aluminum; Antimony; Arsenic; Asbestos; Atrazine; Benzene; Benzo[a]pyrene; Beryllium; Bromacil; Bromobenzene; Bromochloromethane; Bromomethane; Butachlor; Cadmium; Captan; Carbon tetrachloride; Carbophenothion; Chlorite; Chloroethane; Chloromethane; Chlorpropham; Chromium (total); cis-1,2-Dichloroethylene; cis-1,3-Dichloropropene; Cobalt; Cyanazine (Bladex); Cyanide; Di(2-ethylhexyl) adipate; Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate; Diazinon (Spectracide); Dibromomethane; Dichlorodifluoromethane; Dichloromethane (methylene chloride); Dimethoate; Diphenamide; Disulfoton; EPTC (Eptam); Ethyl tert-butyl ether; Ethylbenzene; Hexachlorobenzene (HCB); Hexachlorobutadiene; Hexachlorocyclopentadiene; Isopropyl ether; Isopropylbenzene; m- & p-Xylene; m-Dichlorobenzene; Mercury (inorganic); Methyl ethyl ketone; Methyl isobutyl ketone; Metolachlor; Metribuzin; Molinate; Monochlorobenzene (chlorobenzene); MTBE; n-Butylbenzene; n-Propylbenzene; Naphthalene; Nitrate; Nitrate & nitrite; Nitrite; o-Chlorotoluene; o-Dichlorobenzene; o-Xylene; p-Chlorotoluene; p-Dichlorobenzene; p-Isopropyltoluene; Perchlorate; Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS); Perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHPA); Perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHXS); Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA); Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS); Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA); Prometon; Prometryn; sec-Butylbenzene; Selenium; Silver; Simazine; Styrene; Terbacil; tert-Amyl methyl ether; tert-Butylbenzene; Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene); Thallium; Thiobencarb; Toluene; trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene; trans-1,3-Dichloropropene; Trichloroethylene; Trichlorofluoromethane; Trichlorotrifluoroethane; Vinyl chloride; Xylenes (total)

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Find out which contaminants are found above Legal and Health Guidelines.


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Manhattan Beach Water Department

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How can I pay my bill? Mail - Mail within the return portion of your bill with a take a look at or money order made payable to the Water Revenue Bureau (Bureau), P.O. Box 41496, Philadelphia, PA 19101-1496.Zip Check - You may also authorize your financial institution to electronically transfer charge from your financial institution account to the Bureau to your month-to-month bills on an ordinary basis.Bank employing Phone - This is much like the Zip Check beside you authorize your financial institution each month to electronically transfer price from your bank account to the Bureau.Credit Card - you will want your 16 digit water/sewer account wide variety. (Note: The service company, costs a price for this provider) thru net via smartphone - name 1-877-309-3709 to access an interactive voice reaction gadgetE-Check - you'll want your sixteen digit water/sewer account variety, your financial institution's nine digit routing variety, and your savings or checking account variety (Note: The service company, prices a charge for this carrier) through net at www.Phila.Gov, inside the Make a Payment block, click on Pay Water BillIn Person - You pays your invoice in individual at one of the three legal customer support places.Center City Philadelphia Municipal Services Building, 1401 JFK Blvd., Concourse Level Office Hours: eight:00 a.M. To five:30 p.M., Mon. Via Fri.Northeast Philadelphia Northeast Shopping Mall, 9239 Rear Roosevelt Blvd Office Hours: eight:30a.M. To 5:00 p.M., Mon. Via Fri.North Philadelphia 2761 N. Twenty second Street Office Hours: eight:30 a.M. To five:00 p.M., Mon. Through Fri.*The Water Revenue Bureau isn't accountable for payments made at any location aside from the legal fee places indexed above. Disintegrate section I simply purchased a property, how do I get the call changed at the account? If you are a new belongings owner, you have to take the following steps to get hold of water provider:If your deed is recorded, your account could be up to date and you may start to acquire bills to your name. This needs to take place in approximately 30 days. If it is been longer than 30 days or the purchaser would love to make sure WRB gets the statistics they can fax the top reproduction of the Settlement announcement to WRB at (215) 686-0199 or (215) 686-6852.If your deed isn't always recorded and it's far crucial that you get hold of the bill for your call, gift your settlement sheet to the Water Revenue Bureau. If there's no meter at the property, a meter must be established within 30 days after the settlement date. Property owners who lease out their assets want to fulfill specific licensing and allowing as required by way of the Department of Licenses & Inspections fall apart segment I'm a new tenant. How do I get the water turned on in my call? The water needs to be on whilst the tenant movements in. PWD does not flip the water on and stales among clients. If the water isn't always on then the tenant must talk to the proprietor first to get the water on the belongings. If the water is on then the tenant will need to come to the office to establish tenancy. The tenant should make certain that the owner is updated on their Business Privilege Tax, earlier than coming to the office or the application for tenancy might be denied. More information may be located on the Water Revenue Bureau's net web page.If you're a tenant, you may practice for water provider for your call by using bringing the subsequent documents to a Customer Service place:Consent from the proprietor so that it will have service for your call. A feasible avenue copes with for the proprietor. PO Boxes aren't familiar. Two (2) official pieces of personal identity, one is a cutting-edge government difficulty with photograph Proof of residency, including a hire, hire ebook or canceled take a look at Current software payments for your name listing the street cope with for the assets. A water meter studying. If there may be no meter at the property, a meter should be set up before the utility is accredited.If you're an occupant (a capacity owner of the assets or a person who has permission to live within the belongings without a lease), you could take the following steps to obtain water carrier: Two (2) professional portions of private identity, one is a contemporary authorities issue with image Complete a utility at a Customer Service region close to you Obtain a present day reading of your meterPresent proof of occupancy or capability ownership. Evidence includes Death Certificate of Owner Current application bills in your call and for this property Lease Purchase Agreements Letter of Authorization to occupy assets Other legal documentation If there is no meter at the assets, a meter needs to be set up before the software is authorized. Drinking-Water Quality collapse phase Who controls my water's excellent? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. Sets national consuming water requirements to protect public health. These standards are enforced in our state through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. On a monthly or annual foundation, we post water first-rate check outcomes to the kingdom to show that we are imparting water that meets all of the standards. Also, if there were ever a serious water exceptional problem, the country would at once be notified and they would oversee our reaction and corrective actions.However, best a part of what we do in checking out water best is driven via those federal or country necessities. We also perform checks not prescribed via federal and kingdom legal guidelines. We test for the acceptability of the water's high-quality, not only for its capacity to satisfy the standards. We behavior research to higher understand the characteristics of the water from the rivers to the faucet, and to discover higher approaches to deal with and deliver water to our clients. To do all of this, we've set our desires for water pleasant - goals that are more stringent than the federal or country requirements. We hold reviewing these dreams as new records are available from around the arena, and as a higher generation and technological know-how are evolved so that we can hold to provide the satisfactory faucet water at least fee. Collapse section Is our ingesting water secure to drink? Yes, actually. Our consuming water now not only meets all federal and state guidelines for easy and secure ingesting water, however, but also surpasses even those necessities. Philadelphia became one of the original individuals in the Partnership for Safe Water, a voluntary, national application ensuring the very best standards for water treatment plant performance. Through our Partnership efforts, advanced research and award-prevailing Source Water Assessment Program, we stay at the vanguard of our subject. Our primary intention is to ensure secure, smooth consuming water for our clients. Disintegrate segment What are the main characteristics of my faucet water? ChlorineChlorine inside the shape of chloramine (chlorine mixed with ammonia) is delivered, first to disinfect the water after which to make sure that the water remains free from germs or dangerous bacteria all of the manners for your faucet. Chlorine degrees in water vary from about 0.2 elements-in line with-million to 2 ppm depending on where you live relative to the water treatment plant, in addition to the time of the yr (chlorine is tougher to hold within the water for the duration of the summertime while the temperature of the water is excessive).HardnessPhiladelphia's water is fairly tough because the rivers from which we get the water incorporate calcium. We growth the hardness barely as we add lime to regulate the acidity or pH degree of the water. These are herbal minerals.the acidity of Philadelphia's water is controlled at the treatment plant the use of lime to make sure that remedy works nicely and to make sure that the water coming out of your tap is consistent and coffee in corrosiveness. The natural water's pH can change. The treatment plants control those adjustments so that we can deliver water this is neutral in pH.Corrosion inhibitor U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of State require us to manipulate the corrosiveness of our water to prevent lead and copper from leaching out of the plumbing substances into the water. We add parts-in line with-billion levels of a corrosion inhibitor, a phosphate, to the city's water to reduce the corrosion of the pipes.FluorideFluoride is delivered to the water at 0.7 mg/L awareness for the prevention of tooth decay. This is performed below the Philadelphia Department of Public Health's guidance. Some fluoride is herbal in the water, however, we raise it a bit extra to maintain it regular and useful. Disintegrate segment Does PWD screen for Chromium 6? Chromium 6 isn't regulated by way of EPA and PADEP. In 2014 PWD achieved special monitoring as part of the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule, a nationwide monitoring attempt performed through EPA. Unregulated contaminants are the ones that don't yet have an ingesting water popular set via EPA. The motive of monitoring for those contaminants is to assist EPA to decide whether the contaminants must have a fashionable. PWD’s consequences averaged zero.34 elements according to billion with quite several zero.30-zero.42 parts in line with billion. The popular set by California is 10 elements per billion. Thus PWD’s consequences are considerably decreased. PWD continues to observe the EPA’s ruling in this to make certain that we offer the very best pleasant water to our clients..

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Manhattan Beach Water Department provides drinking water services to the public of Manhattan Beach and Manhattan Beach, California.

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