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ANSWER -  Salt Bridge, Stuck float, loss of prime in the brine line from air, clogged injector, injector screen or system is plumbed backward.


  • Plumbing- Make sure the pipe coming from your well if on well water or if city water the main pipe coming into the home from outside is coming into the Side of the bypass that has an IN arrow which will be pointing towards the control valve, the water running into the home will be connected to the side that says out or has an arrow pointing away from the control valve. They are also labeled with tags on each side, one says inlet and one says outlet

  • Salt Bridge- Check for clumped up salt, Take a clean broomstick or something similar and poke it around the salt ( hard enough to break up any clumps of salt) but not too hard where you break the plastic salt grid on the bottom. 
  • Not drawing water-  Check the float housing (the long white tube that holds the float in the salt tank) to see where the water level is, since there is no salt in there it will be easy to see, add if there isn't any. This system will not require much water to be in the salt tank as they use very little salt and the amount varies on the size of the unit.  Start a manual regeneration by unlocking the control valve (hold the menu button until it beeps) and then holding the set button to initiate regeneration. Wait 10 minutes and look into the float housing in the salt tank to see if the water level has gone down at all, if not disconnect the brine line from the salt tank and stick it in a cup of water. If it draws from a cup the issue is at the salt tank, either a bad connection or the float is sticking ( reconnect the hose and pull up and down on the float) if it draws water you know the float is sticking.
  • How to Re prime the Brine Line-  If it does not draw from a cup, press any key for 3 seconds to advance to the next regeneration step, do this for each step until you are on Fill (brine Fill), this is also the last cycle of the regeneration. Let the Brine fill run while you have the hose disconnected from the salt tank and let the water run into the salt. After it is done reconnect the hose and wait about 5 minutes then go ahead and start another manual regeneration ( note where the water level is in the salt tank) let it run 20 minutes and look into the float housing, the water level should be lower by this point.
  • Clean Injectors- If the system still does not draw water ( even out of a cup) advance the final steps of the regeneration until you are back on the main screen. Shut the water off to your home while leaving the system in service and run the nearest faucet for around 30 seconds then shut it off. You can then put the system in bypass and turn the main water back on to the home. Refer to the pictures below,  Note This is the side of the control unit the salt line connects to. You will want to remove the injector cover and pull the injector and injector screen out, clean them under hot water ( do not use anything metal or abrasive on them) then reassemble the system and put it back into service. 


  • Restricted Drain line symptoms- System not filling the salt tank or drawing water from the salt tank. - The optimal length to run a drain line or discharge line for a Sofpro water softener is 15-30 feet with little incline. In the case it needs to run longer then you will want to use a 3/4 inch ID drain line. Also make sure there is an air gap at the end of the drain line and that when it does regenerate and discharge water, the water can not back up and submerge the end of the drain line. 



ANSWER -  This is the upper basket. It connects to the bottom of the control valve, make sure it locks in to place. This will make sure you don't lose any media..


ANSWER -  It is either a torn seal or spacer or they have dirt stuck in them jamming the piston. If this is Fleck unit you can visit Pentair Water University on youtube and watch control valve teardowns for the Fleck 5600 series, the 2510, 7000 series. Typically depending on the age of the unit you would replace the seals and spacers along with the piston.


ANSWER -  Check the water from a faucet with a water hardness test strip to see where the water hardness is at after the water softener. If it is not testing soft make sure there is salt in the salt tank and water, if so then please refer to our water softener not drawing from the brine tank section and try those steps.

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