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best iron filters for well water

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Iron Problems With Your Home's Water

Well Water flowing in bathroom sink
An iron problem is characterized by the red-brown staining of bathroom fixtures and laundry. In well water, iron usually occurs in its ferrous state. The water is clear when drawn but once exposed to air the iron changes into a ferric (oxidized) state. The water turns red and forms insoluble “rust” particles. Staining can be caused by as little as 0.3 milligrams per liter (mg/L). Depending on the iron concentration there are several solutions to this aggravating water problem.

How can I size Iron Filters? 🤔

ANSWER: Iron filters need 5 gallons per minute minimum to backwash properly, the larger the iron filter and the type of media being used dictates what is needed. Some iron filters can take up to 20 GPM to backwash. If you install an iron filter that can’t be backwashed properly the media well get fouled and the system will not perform as it should. If you do not know what your well pump will produce then the first thing you need to do is run a simple test on your well pump to get an approximate gallon per minute.

This is how you do the well pump flow test:

1. Get a 5-gallon bucket, a hose, and a watch with a second hand.
2. Hook the hose up from the nearest hose bib to the well or pressure tank before any filters.
Note: If you have a cartridge filter inline before the faucet remove the cartridge from it.
3. Make sure there is no water running anywhere. Turn hose bib on all the way. As soon as the well pump turns on start filling the bucket and time how long it takes to fill it up.
4. Write the information down and come back to this page. (Bookmark this page )

Remember that the size of the home and the number of bathrooms come second when sizing iron filters.
This is due to your well pump ability. You can only use what your pump will give you.
Example: If you have three showers running at the same time you need 7.5 gpm to operate them all and still have good pressure. If your well pump only gives you 6 gpm you will not be able to operate all those shower heads at the same time and have good pressure.
So if your well pump does 6 gpm you are limited to an iron filter that requires less then 6 gpm to backwash. Most iron filters that fit this criteria have flow rates of 4 to 7 GPM.

Compare Top Rated & Best Selling Iron Filters

#1.  SoftPro® Elite Backwashing Katalox Iron Filter

Whole House Iron Filters
*Removes high levels of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide*
iron up to 10ppm
removes Manganese up to7ppm
removes hydrogen sulfide up to 5ppm
Media life averages 8-10 years before replacement is needed.


#2. SoftPro® Elite Ironmaster

Best Iron Filter for Well Water

*Removes high levels of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide*

Iron up to 50 ppm = highest iron removal capability of any iron filter system on the market. 

removes Manganese up to 7ppm

removes hydrogen sulfide up to 5ppm

Media life averages 8-10 years before replacement is needed.

Backwash rated needed: 7 GPM |SoftPro® Elite Ironmaster 1.5 cubic foot. Service flow rate: 7 GPM, Peak flow rate 9 GPM

Greensand Iron Filters - Iron, Sulfur, & Manganese Removal | Fleck.  Greensand has a thin coating of manganese oxide in conjunction with Potassium permanganate to oxidize iron, sulfur, & manganese for better removal. This system has low flow rate abilities in comparison to other systems offered and requires an oxidizer to oxidize iron, sulfur, and manganese so the greensand media can remove it. This system was one of the original iron filters on the market dating back to the early 1970s.

The Benefits of Ozone - Triple O – Ozone Water Treatment System

Triple O O-Zone Water Filters

Municipal water companies have used ozone technology to treat large quantities of water for many years because of its effectiveness in purifying and conditioning water.

Triple 0 Systems has selected ozone technology for use in treating well/tank water because of its unique properties to:

  1. Kill bacteria on contact thousands of times faster than chlorine or bromine
  2. Kill virus on contact.
  3. Kill algae spores, fungus, mold and yeast spores.
  4. Oxidize oils and precipitate heavy metals.
  5. Remove excess iron, manganese, and sulfur by a process known as micro flocculation, thus conditioning the water naturally without chemical additives.
  6. Remove color and odor, leaving a fresh, healthy bouquet.
  7. Reduce scale build-up on equipment such as pipes and water heaters, and staining of showers, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.
  8. Ozone leaves no residue, it’s only by-product is pure oxygen


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