GreenSand Media (For Iron, Manganese and Sulfur Removal)

GreenSand Media (For Iron, Manganese and Sulfur Removal)

Greensand Plus™ is a purple-gray filter media utilized for removing soluble iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, and radium from well water supplies.

The GreenSand filter media features a special coating of manganese oxide, which oxidizes iron, manganese, and iron within the water upon contact.

Potassium permanganate is required to regenerate and clean the GreenSand filter media so it can continue the oxidation procedure.


  • Manganese oxide coating - causes oxidation
  • Removes iron, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, manganese, and radium

Approval :

  • ANSI/NSF 61 validated (by WQA)

Circumstances :

  • Water should 6.7 to 8.8 pH level

How it works

When the water comes in contact with the GreenSand media, the media oxidizes and solidifies dissolved iron and manganese in the bed of the filter.

The iron filter then backwashes these little particles to drain every few days, cleaning and regenerating the filter media.

Potassium permanganate automatically cleans and restores the media throughout each backwash cycle.


Iron Content in your Water

What is this iron in my water?


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