Fleck 5600 Birm Iron Filter (Remove Iron & Manganese)

California Residents: This product isn't available to CA residents due to California regulations on the Birm, please get in touch with our Quality Water Treatment team for other options.


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Fleck 5600 Birm Filter for Iron & Manganese

The Iron Filter Fleck 5600 Birm Filter removes iron and manganese.

Up to 5 PPM of Iron

Up to 1 PPM of Manganese

(This filter does not remove sulfur.) 

Birm is a great filter medium used to reduce iron content. It oxidizes and eliminates iron without pre-treatment.

  • No chemicals to buy for upkeep (under correct circumstances) and no regeneration needed.
  • Very high iron removal efficiency.
  • Occasional backwashing needed.
  • Tough material for a long life and wide temperature variety.


More good Stuff...

  • Fleck 5600 Filter Valve - Standard timer backwashing filter valve.
  • Simple mechanical style is easy to use
  • Controls are user-friendly and effortlessly programmable
  • Non-corrosive, UV-resistant Noryl valve body

How it Functions

As water flows through the filter tank containing Birm media, with enough oxygen within the water, the media causes the iron to form rust or strong iron particles.

After these rust particles get trapped within the filter media, once or twice per week they're automatically back washed out to drain.

Then the filter media is prepped to continue the filtration process.

Operation CONDITIONS for Birm Filters 

🔎 Check To Insure Proper Function

A water test of your raw well water is highly suggested prior to buying filter systems. 

Water Conditions Required:

  • Water must have a pH of 7.0 to 9.0. for birm to function correctly.
  • The dissolved oxygen content should be a minimum of 15% from the iron or manganese content.
  • Water must include no tannins, chlorine, oil, or hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor).
    If any of these items are present, we suggest the Greensand filter system.
  • Aeration is recommended for optimal performance.

For Wells 50 Feet or Deeper:

An air injector must be used to add oxygen to deep well water prior to feeding a Birm filter.

If water is fed from an open storage tank or spring, then additional air injection is typically not required.


Check your well pump's effective flow rate...  Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Minimum Water Flow Rate Required:

The size of an iron filter or pH neutralizer system is dependent on the flow rate from your well pump. 

Please check your flow rate to select the properly sized system.

Do not select a system that requires a higher flow rate. 

Well Pump Effective Flow Rates

Properly Size Your Well Water Treatment Systems

This video will go over how to size a well water filter properly, it is easy to do yourself.

Warning! Before you purchase a filter system for your well water, please STOP and watch this video.

It is very important that you size the filter system for your needs and system setup.

Otherwise, it could be a costly and horrible experience.

Iron Content in your Water

What is this iron in my water?


What Works For You?


Elevate Your Water. Safe & Healthy.

Well water quality can change over time. Who knows who is about to move in nearby?

Investing in quality drinking water filtration is smart.
Here's our recommendations...

Kill viruses, bacteria. and other unwanted organisms.

Remove toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and lots more.

  • Reverse Osmosis + Advanced Alkalizer Filter
  • Viqua UV Light Disinfection System

Choose one or more to elevate your experience.

Reverse Osmosis with Advanced Alkalizer Filter

No More Acidic Drinking Water!
Enjoy the health benefits of alkalized, fully filtered, bottled-quality water at your kitchen sink. 

The 5 Stage, Ultimate Drinking Water Filtration.

Remove TDS, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride and much more!

Viqua UV Light Disinfection System

This UV system destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals or changing your water’s taste or odor.

Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria from the water.

 Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate harmful pathogens in your home’s water and destroy illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA).


Make Installation Quick & Easy

With your purchase today, check the optional upgrade box and we'll send you the Quick-Connect Hose Kit for free.* (2 hoses included)

Make installation and servicing your system quick and easy.

Available in 3/4" plumbing size.

The fittings attaches directly onto your copper, CPVC, or Pex plumbing!

***Does not work on PVC.
***Only available while supplies last.


What's Included?


The Nitty Gritty...


Easy Operation 


What Filter Size? 

In general, match your effective well pump flow rate to the backwash requirements to select the appropriate filter size.

Typical size is the 1.5 CUFT size, if your well pump can accommodate. An option is that you can also select a smaller size, if higher flow rates are not required.

NOTE: Minimum Well Pump Flow Rates Are Required. See Specs below or try our WISDOM tool.


Try The Free Sizing Calculator

...Well Pump Flow Rate Is Needed



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