Potassium Permanganate - Pot Perm Plus (12 Bottles) 1.75 LBS Each - For Greensand Iron Filters

POTASSIUM Permanganate

Pro Pot Perm Plus

oxidize iron, manganese and Sulfur

Potassium permanganate is used in greensand iron filters to oxidize iron, manganese and sulfur.

1 Case: 12 count of 1.75lbs containers
(21 lbs total)

Typically, this will last 12 months, depending on water quality.

POT Perm Tech Info.

Greensand Iron Filter Usage

A greensand iron filter uses 3 ounces per regeneration with a recommended minimum regeneration cycle to run every 4 days.

It is recommended to add a maximum of only one bottle (1.75lbs) to the pot perm tank.

If the water in the tank becomes a light pink color, then add another 1.75lbs bottle.

This should yield about 9 regenerations for every 1.75 lbs bottle.

So basically one bottle will last one month so a case is a one year supply. 

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