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SoftPro Elite
Soft Water. Re-Invented

Next Generation Upflow TechnologyHigh-Flow Programmable Control ValveUp to 110,000 Grain Capacity

Programmable Control Valve More power at its core.

With the industry's most innovative desgin tech, SoftPro Elite is ready to take on even the hardest water. So when you're powering through excessive mineral-content water, SoftPro Elite put the control in your hands.

Muli-Mode Functions like vacation mode
Auto System Refresh
Auto Variable Backwash
Auto Reserve 

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SoftPro Elite Delivers Spa-Like Showers & BathsYou may never want to get out of the shower...

See how SoftPro Elite stacks up against all major water softener brands. 

Water Intelligentce Engine Size Does Matter.

Water Intelligentce Engine Size Does Matter.

Get Your Free Water Score, Top Brand Comparisons & Custom Sizing Recommendations 

Making a Difference with ever drop  

SoftPro Elite changes the game by saving our precious resources. Our high-effiecny upflow technology outperforms traditional systems

Save 64% on salt usuage

Save 75% on water usuage 


Save Salt...and Your Back

Traditional systems may break your bank and your back by lugging heavy bags of salt every month... Don't be traditional.

SoftPro Elite minimizes how much salt is required to deliver your quality, soft water to you and your family. 

Water Filter Options
Elevate the Experience 

Take the SoftPro Elite system to the next level with these high qualty water filteration options.

KDF 55 Mediaguard Filter

Reverse Osmosis With Advanced Akalizer Filter

Ultimate Whole House Catalytic Carbon Filter

Choose 1 or all to elevate your experience. 

Filter Option

KDF 55 Mediaguard Filter

KDF 55 Mediaguard Filter will remove chlorine, 99% of heavy metals, and won't let bacteria inside your system, so you'll get good healthy water throughout the house.

Filter Option

Reverse Osmosis With Advanced Akalizer Filter

Enjoy and benefit alkalized, fully filtered bottled-quality water at your kitchen sink.

Filter Option

Whole House Upflow Catalytic Carbon Filter

"Bottle water quality throughout your home.This filter removes it all: pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical products, petroleum products, and heavy metals. It requires no regular maintenance, no regeneration, no water waste, and no electricity. Set it and forget it."

Filter Option

Make Installation Quick & Easy

With your purchase today, we'll send you free Quick-Connect Hose Kit.

Make installation and servicing your system quick and easy.

(1" & 3/4" are included for your convenience)


Up & Running Quickly

"Your handman's and plumber's favorite system to install.It so easy, that you or a friend can install as well."

Financing Options

Soft, Clean Water for less than a coffee a day

Quality Water Treatment provides several financing options to make your investment in soft, clean water for your home and family easy.

In-House Review
Diving in Deep

SoftPro Elite High-Efficiency Next Generation Water Softener With Upflow Regeneration TechnologyWhat We Like: High efficiency, Lifetime warranty, automatic settings, vacation mode, upflow technology saves money and salt, super easy to operate, easy install, only have to load salt a couple of times a year, user-friendly LCD control screen, brine tank guard, 10% resin, high-pressure flow, quiet, comes from a single manufacturer, USA made, and third party rated.

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