Whole House Water Filter Carbon Block 10" Big Blue Cartridge Included

Whole House Water Filter Carbon Block 10" Big Blue Cartridge Included

Whole house carbon water filter/purifier includes a long-lasting carbon block filter.

 4.5" X 10" Cartridge

This removes free chlorine and organic chemicals that contribute to taste and odor while providing the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity This is an efficient 10-micron nominal sediment filter.

Note: Does not come with PSI release as photo shows.

  • Quality Drinking Water In Your Home
  • Easy, Standard Installation
  • Easy, Standard Installation
  • High Flow Rate: The Big Blue Pentek filter is designed to handle high flow rates, making it suitable for applications where large volumes of water need to be filtered. It can efficiently process water at a faster rate compared to standard-sized filters, ensuring a steady supply of filtered water.
  • Reliable Filtration: With their larger size, Big Blue filters provide a larger surface area for filtration, allowing for efficient removal of sediment, particles, and contaminants from the water supply. This can lead to improved water quality, taste, and clarity.

Replace or Clean Your Filters

Sediment Filters Work Hard

Sediment filters are typically the first stage in a water treatment system.

Sediment filters are designed to capture and remove sand, rust, dirt, metals, silt, and other particles from the water.

Filters remove everything down to a tiny 5 microns in size!

Removing these particulates helps to treat and protect a water treatment system such as a water softener, whole house filter and appliances that use water.

  • Certified to NSF standard 42, FDA approved material.
  • 100% higher purity Polypropylene, surfactant totally free, binder-free and adhesive-free.
  • Higher chemical resistance.
  • Extends the filter life having a much lower pressure drop.

Regularly replacing sediment filters is cost-effective and essential to maintain optimal water quality by removing solid particles and debris. Neglecting to replace these filters can lead to reduced filtration efficiency, compromised water purity, decreased water flow and potential damage to a filtration system.


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