Black Element Replacement Water Filters For Gravity-Fed Filter Systems 2-Pack (Fits Berkey systems)

Fits Berkey BB9-2 Black Element Filters

Black Element Replacement Filters

  • Manufacturer: USWF
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 12.5" x 7" x 5.9"
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Filter Life: 6,000 Gal./ 22,700 Liters (per pair)
  • Filter Life: Typically 6 months
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Replace Gravity-Fed water filters for best results

Drink healthy, quality and great tasting water

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For use with quailty gravity-fed water filtration systems including Berkey systems.

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to replace
  • Effective filtration

Black Carbon Element FilterS

Replacement Filters Fits Berkey Filter Systems

These replacment black filters are comparable and fits with the following Berkey Filter Systems:

  • Big Berkey
  • Travel Berkey
  • Royal Berkey
  • Imperial Berkey
  • Crown Berkey

Tested & Certified

Performance, Safety & Trust

  • NSF / ANSI Standard 372 Certification
  • IAPMO Testing
  • BPA- Free

Tested & Certified

Get Quality Drinking water

Black Carbon Purification Elements reduces chlorine, toxins, sedmients, metals, and other impurities. 

Economical, Long Lasting

Drinking Water Filters That Last

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This pack of two (2) Black Carbon Purification Elements lasts for up to 6,000 gallons before needing replacement. That is 3,000 gallons per filter!

Each additional pair of elements (sold separately) adds an additional 6,000 gallons of purification power to your system.

Elements not for use with saltwater sources or softened water.

Gravity Fed Black Carbon Filters

Replacement Filters includes:

  • Two (2) 9" Black Carbon Purification Elements
  • Two (2) washers
  • Two (2) wing nuts
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Soft, Clean Water For Less Than A Coffee A Day

Quality Water Treatment provides several financing options to make your investment in soft, clean water for your home and family easy.

Multiple options including 4 interest-free payments.

Why replace regularly?

Replacing gravity-fed water filters is essential

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By replacing gravity-fed water filters regularly, users can ensure that their water remains clean, safe, and pleasant to drink.

This maintains the filter's optimal performance and longevity.

  • Filter Lifespan:  Most gravity-fed water filters have a specified lifespan, usually measured in gallons of water filtered or months of use. Exceeding this lifespan means the filter is likely no longer effective, and continuing to use it can compromise water quality.
  • Taste and Odor:  Over time, filters can accumulate organic materials and other substances that affect the taste and odor of the water. Replacing the filter ensures that the water remains fresh and palatable.
  • Bacterial Growth:  Filters that are not replaced regularly can become breeding grounds for bacteria. As contaminants build up in the filter, it provides a moist environment that can encourage bacterial growth, potentially leading to unsafe drinking water.
  • Clogging and Reduced Flow Rate:  Over time, gravity-fed water filters can become clogged with sediment, bacteria, and other contaminants. This clogging reduces the flow rate, making it slower for water to pass through the filter.


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