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Whole House Catalytic Activated Carbon Filter

Electronic 1" Auto Backwash

For Well Water Supply
Lifetime Warranty 

Back Washing

This whole house filter removes 99% of harmful contaminants that may be lurking in your well water supply.

That’s over 1,000 contaminants that can be filtered out.


  • Improves water for the whole house
  • Removes Chloramines, Chlorine, VOC's and other chemicals
  • Chemical-Free Operation
  • Removes bad taste and odors that water softeners can't
  • Ideal for reduction of chlorine
  • Backwashes without chemicals or salt
  • High Flow Rate

Removes a high % of pesticides, herbicides petroleum products, lead copper zinc, and sulfur.

*** A big advantage is that Catalytic carbon media does not get fouled out from iron or manganese like other typical carbon media. ***


Ensure everything runs fluidly. 

Higher peak water flow rates will power all of your appliances, tubs and showers.

Danger:  increase in CHLORINE ADDITIVES

Stop Drinking Pool Water!

Many Americans are drinking up to 300 to 600 times above the EPA health guidelines of chlorine!

🛑 A necessary evil?... Today, more and more water companies are increasing their disinfectant dosage of chlorine. While it helps kill microbes and other waterborne issues, drinking chlorine, especially at high levels, is a real health concern.

Negative Chlorine Health Effects:

  • Tends to form Trihalomethanes (THMs); can lead to cancer, and other issues 
  • Eye & Nose Irritation
  • Stomach/ Gut Discomfort
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff

*** The SoftPro Whole House Carbon+ Filter
Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines! ***

Performance With Features

  • 1" High-Efficiency High-Flow Rate Valve:
    Use more water at a time without dropping the water pressure.
  • Large Valve Display: 4-Line Easy Read LCD
  • Automatic settings:
    Vacation mode, proportional brining, automatic reserve, automatic backwash variable, automatic regeneration and automatic refresh
  • Intuitive operation
  • Electronic touchpad LCD show.
    ...No complex symbols or codes.
  • Self-charging battery capacitor
  • Quick and simple installation
SoftPro Elite Valve Up (8).png__PID:a7ee8df9-db11-4734-a193-89e2505dba8b

System includes

The SoftPro Catalytic Back washing Activated Carbon Filter uses activated carbon media for its water treatment procedure.

Catalytic carbon is a unique kind of processed (activated) carbon that causes a chemical reaction to occur on the surface of the carbon which removes chloramine and chlorine, such as undesirable taste and odor.

  • Filter tank
  • Activated catalytic carbon media

How it functions

The granulated activated carbon removes particular chemicals dissolved in water that passes via the GAC filter by trapping the chemical in the GAC.

Note: The system removes sediment and oxidized iron particles, which might trigger some spotting, however the minerals remain exactly the same.

If scaling or spotting is an issue, a water softener is needed.

Danger:  increase in Chloramine use

Chlorine & CHLORAMINE... Not in my water!

Unfortunately, more and more water companies are turning to increase their chloramine usage as a disinfectant in your tap water.

Even with the EPA and CDC limits, you could experience some negative health effects.


Negative Chloramine Health Effects:

  • Respiratory problems & increased asthma risk from chloramine vapors.
  • Aggravated digestive disorders
  • Increase in pneumonia and other influenza-related death risk
  • Decrease in red blood cell efficiency
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff

*** The SoftPro Whole House Carbon+ Filter

Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines! ***


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Minimum Water Flow Rate Required:

The size of an iron filter or pH neutralizer system is dependent on the flow rate from your well pump. 

Please check your flow rate to select the properly sized system.

Do not select a system that requires a higher flow rate. 


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