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The neighborhood drinking water of City of Brandon could be polluted with different contaminants such as 1,1,1-Trichloroethane and Molybdenum, while languishing soaring scores of water hardness. City of Brandon services the area with drinking water that sources its water supply from Groundwater.

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Brandon, Mississippi

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1000 Municipal Drive, Brandon, MS 39042

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Contaminants Detected In Brandon, Mississippi

Chromium (hexavalent); Barium; Fluoride; Dichloroacetic acid; Trichloroacetic acid; Dibromoacetic acid; Haloacetic acids (HAA5); Chloroform; Bromoform… more

Brandon Dinking Water Utility

Free Official Water Safety Report for City of Brandon!


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City of Brandon

Annual Drinking Water Report

List of Drinking Water Contaminants Tested by City of Brandon

But Not Detected:
1,1,1-Trichloroethane; 1,1,2-Trichloroethane; 1,1-Dichloroethane; 1,1-Dichloroethylene; 1,2,3-Trichloropropane; 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene; 1,2-Dichloroethane; 1,2-Dichloropropane; 1,3-Butadiene; 1,4-Dioxane; Antimony; Arsenic; Benzene; Beryllium; Bromochloromethane; Bromomethane; Cadmium; Carbon tetrachloride; Chlorate; Chlorodifluoromethane; Chloromethane; cis-1,2-Dichloroethylene; Cobalt; Combined uranium; Cyanide; Dichloromethane (methylene chloride); Ethylbenzene; Mercury (inorganic); Molybdenum; Monobromoacetic acid; Monochloroacetic acid; Monochlorobenzene (chlorobenzene); Nitrate; Nitrate & nitrite; Nitrite; o-Dichlorobenzene; p-Dichlorobenzene; Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS); Perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHPA); Perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHXS); Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA); Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS); Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA); Radium; combined (-226 & -228); Radium-226; Radium-228; Selenium; Styrene; Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene); Thallium; Toluene; trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene; Trichloroethylene; Vinyl chloride; Xylenes (total)

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City of Brandon

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City of Brandon

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Mayor Butch Windschatten, the Board of Aldermen, and the Associated with Brandon Public Performs Department are very happy to present to you the 2017 Annual Drinking Water Top quality Report. This record is designed to inform you regarding the quality water and services we deliver to you every day. Each of our constant goals is usually to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of moving water. We want you to be familiar with the efforts we produce to continually increase the water treatment approach and protect each of our water resources. Were committed to ensuring the caliber of our water and services and strive to retain our valued consumers informed about the services that we present. The City of Brandon currently has eight operating wells, several tanks, one standpipe, and one booster-style pump. Our boreholes draw from the Tempas and Cockfield creation aquifers. Our system is necessary to adhere to all rules as set by simply State and Federal officials. This consists of but is not limited to, regular monthly bacteriological samples, schedule inorganic sampling, ongoing educational classes and certifications, and payment and collection. We're pleased to report our drinking water meets most federal and express requirements. We have discovered through monitoring and testing that several constituents have been discovered; however, the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY has determined that your water is secure at these amounts. If you have any concerns about this report or perhaps concerning your normal water services, please speak to Carly Dearman, Open public Works Operations Manager, at 601-824-4579 or perhaps by email for cdearman@brandonms. org. The location of Brandon consistently monitors for up to 154 constituents in your moving water according to National and State laws. The stand below shows the results of our monitoring for the period of January 1, 2017, to December 23, 2017. As normal water travels over the acquire or underground, it could pick up substances or perhaps contaminants such as bacterias, inorganic and organic and natural chemicals, and radioactive substances. All moving water, including bottled moving water, may be reasonably anticipated to contain at least small amounts of several constituents. It is important to consider that the presence of such constituents does not pose a well-being risk. Regulation Ruling Fluoridation of Community Water Supplies To comply with the “Regulation Governing Fluoridation of Community Water Supplies”, MS0610003 is required to record certain results related to fluoridation of our normal water system. The number of a few months in the previous calendar year through which average fluoride group results were within the optimum range of 0. 6-1. 3 ppm was 12. The percentage of fluoride samples accumulated in the previous calendar year that was within the optimum range of 0. 6- 1. 3 ppm was 75%. Details for Lead In the event present, elevated degrees of lead can cause significant health problems, especially for expecting mothers and young children. Business lead in drinking water is primarily from supplies and components linked to service lines and home plumbing. The location of Brandon is liable for providing high quality moving water, but cannot control the variety of materials employed in plumbing components. Once your water has been sitting down for several hours, you may minimize the potential for business lead exposure by flushing your tap to get 30 seconds to a couple of minutes before employing water for drinking alcohol or cooking. Should you be concerned about lead inside your water, you may need your water analyzed. Information on lead in drinking water, testing strategies, and steps you take to minimize direct exposure are available from the A safe drinking water supply Hotline or for The Mississippi State Department of Health Public Health Clinical offers lead tests for a fee for every sample. Please call 601-576-7582 if you wish to have got your water analyzed. Additional Information: For all after normal office hours and weekend Open public Works’ emergencies, you should contact the Brandon Police Department for (601) 825-7225. A great on-call Public Works’ employee will be got rid of. All-City of Brandon water meters happen to be read each month in electronic format and consumption is billed monthly. M readings and browsing dates can be found on your monthly bill. If you have concerns regarding your meter blood pressure measurements or billing, you should contact the Public Performs Department for assistance. Water Bills are due and payable before midnight on the due date as particular on the bill. Virtually any balance that is not paid out by the due date is subject to a overdue penalty and disconnection. Application and disconnection of utility service with the City of Brandon must be made in publishing to the City of Brandon Public Works Section. Please contact the people Works Department for extra information and requirements..

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Preceding European settlement, the arrive on which Brandon sits was occupied by Native Americans. The region was midway situated close to the intersection of the north-south and the east-west Indian trails prompting different villages, and was utilized for chamber gatherings and moves. With the approach of European investigation of the territory, merchants, ministers, and early pioneers stayed outdoors close to what is presently the Town Square and the Busick Store part. The best of medium-term facilities for man and domesticated animals could be found at an exchanging post possessed by D. W. Wilkerson in the mid 1820s and 30s, referred to today as the "Old Bible Homestead" situated on College Street south of the secondary school. The administration purchased the land from the Indians. In 1828, as settlement proceeded, 31 inhabitants of what is currently Rankin County appealed to the Legislature to cut off the piece of Hinds County lying east of the Pearl River to frame a new county. They did so in light of the fact that the waterway was a characteristic division, a stream portrayed by a broad marsh region, visit floods, and few and troublesome intersections. They requested a seat of equity for the comfort of their occupants who were purchasing land, settling regulatory expenses, and directing their business advantages. The bill was affirmed and marked by the Governor on February 4, 1828, for the new County of Rankin, in memory of the late Christopher Rankin, a recognized legal counselor and lawmaker who served Mississippi in Congress from 1819 until his passing in 1826. The county seat was initially proposed to be Poindexter by an individual from the Legislature. The name "Brandon" was picked to respect the new Governor Gerard Chittocque Brandon. Before long, an overview for the Town of Brandon was finished and Brandon was built up as a municipality. The first 40-section of land tract was a 1,320-foot by 1,320-foot square. Five parcels in the Square sold for $500 in 1835. When the limits of the city appropriate were set, it was 1948 preceding there was a significant augmentation of those limits. Minor changes were made in 1886 and again in 1913. The following significant expansion was in 1978 when Crossgates was added. In 1836, The Mississippi and Alabama Company was sanctioned to assemble a railroad from Jackson to Brandon. It was not being used until 1850, because of the frenzy of 1837 and the fulfillment of an extension over the Pearl River. Afterward, the railroad was moved one mile north of Brandon in the zone of Value where it runs today. When the railroad was finished, cut rates supported riders, and individuals started to land in Brandon as visitors. BRANDON'S EARLY LIFE WAS SEVERELY DISRUPTED BY THE CIVIL WAR BEGINNING IN 1861. During the Civil War, Brandon felt the full rage of the Union Army under order of General Sherman as it walked through Jackson to Vicksburg. A large portion of the town was singed by the Union officers. At the focal point of Brandon stands a landmark of a Confederate trooper put there in 1907 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The site of the landmark is accepted to be the place General Sherman had his fighters stack arms while they involved the town. There were episodes of gigantic yellow fever plagues during recreation years (1871, 1878, 1888, 1893). 1878 was the most noticeably awful, and numerous schools and houses of worship shut. Valiant residents kept on modifying and teach their youngsters as the nineteenth century finished. Road lights were introduced in 1911, and, in 1917, the City distributed a $5,000 bond issue at 6% enthusiasm for clearing boulevards. Disaster struck once more, in November of 1924, when a fire annihilated the vast majority of downtown Brandon, including the town hall. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, times were hard in the whole nation. Inhabitants of Brandon, just as Rankin County, didn't feel the craving as frantically as others, since it was an agrarian culture and the rich farmland gave enough to the nearby populace to endure. THE YEARS FOLLOWING WORLD WAR II MARKED A TIME OF GROWTH. Brandon was glad for its legacy and offered Southern accommodation to its numerous guests. Benefiting from the topic of "Mississippi, The Hospitality State," Brandon held yearly magnificence challenges to send agents to the Miss Mississippi and Miss Hospitality challenges. Nearby young ladies anticipated the yearly exercises. Mary Ann Mobley turned into the "darling" of the United States when she caught the crown of Miss America in 1959. She was the principal Mississippian to achieve this accomplishment and blasted the way for others to pursue. BRANDON HAS BEEN LOVED BY MANY FOR GENERATIONS. As of late, the City has been perceived progressively as an excellent community. It has been named twice as a Top 100 Small Town in America by Forbes Magazine. Accordingly, development and advancement weights have propelled keen investigation of how best to steward the City's future. These endeavors have incorporated a Downtown Plan, far reaching versatility plans, broad park ace arranging and a complete ground breaking strategy. BRANDON'S MARY ANN MOBLEY CROWNED MISS AMERICA With a capacity horde of 17,000 viewing in the Atlantic City Convention Center and around 60 million viewing on TV, Brandon's own one of a kind Mary Ann Mobley was delegated Miss America 1959. Mary Ann sang a drama, "Un bel Di" and a jazz melody "There'll be Some Changes Made." Mary Ann later had an effective profession on Broadway and showed up on TV programs like "Perry Mason" and "The Love Boat"..

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City of Brandon provides drinking water services to the public of Brandon and Brandon, Mississippi.

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