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The district drinking water of City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso could possibly be polluted by concerning number of contaminants including but not limited to Molybdenum, Hexachlorobenzene (HCB), Chloromethane and Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and battle high counts of water hardness. City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso serves this region with drinking water which originates its water supply from Purchased surface water.

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Area served:

San Jose, California

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Water source:

Purchased surface water

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200 E. Santa Clara St., San José, CA 95113

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Contaminants Detected In San Jose, California

Bromodichloromethane; Chloroform; Chromium (hexavalent); Dibromochloromethane; Dichloroacetic acid; Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs); Trichloroacetic aci… more

San José Dinking Water Utility

For a Limited Time - Get the City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso Official Water Score Report for Free.


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City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso

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List of Drinking Water Contaminants Tested by City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso

But Not Detected:
1,1-Dichloroethane; 1,2,3-Trichloropropane; 1,3-Butadiene; 1,4-Dioxane; Bromochloromethane; Bromomethane; Chlorodifluoromethane; Chloromethane; Chromium (total); Cobalt; Molybdenum; Monobromoacetic acid; Monochloroacetic acid; Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS); Perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHPA); Perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHXS); Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA); Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS); Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)

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City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso

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For most of 2017, the Edenvale service area received treated surface normal water from the SCVWD. During normal operating circumstances, groundwater from deep-water wells provides 100 % of the supply with this service area. The temporary source drinking water change was essential to complete a reservoir rehab project that was completed in late 2017. Muni Water executed a one-time resource water assessment about the Edenvale water wells in January the year 2003. * Although the resource is considered potentially susceptible to chemical and petroleum processing activities, simply no contaminants associated with these types of activities have been discovered. ¦ Coyote Area Service Area Groundwater from deep-water boreholes provides 100 percent with the supply for this assistance area. An evaluation of these wells was first conducted in 06 2004, * and potable use of the groundwater began found in 2005. Although the supply is considered potentially prone to agricultural drainage, illegal dumping, storage fish tank leaks, and sewer collection systems, zero contaminants associated with these kinds of activities have been diagnosed. * For information regarding the type of contaminants analyzed or to get a duplicate of the groundwater good assessment reports to your service area, make sure you contact a Water Top quality Engineer at 408-277-3671. Water Quality Coliforms, reported as “Total Coliform, ” are bacteria that are present in the environment and they are used as a great indicator that different potentially harmful bacteria might be present. Standards meant for compliance vary concerning the size of the circulation system. In bigger systems (including Classic, Edenvale, and Coyote Valley), 95 percent of all samples used each month must be free from coliforms. In smaller sized systems (including North San José and Alviso), no more than a single sample per month may well test positive intended for the presence of coliforms. Disinfection of surface drinking water is necessary to eliminate disease-causing organisms to get the protection of public health. In Classic, North San José, and Alviso, normal water is disinfected employing chloramine. Except for a small chlorinous taste or perhaps odor, chloramine can be not harmful to the public. However, it must be eliminated for kidney dialysis machines and aquariums. If you are receiving renal dialysis treatment, you should contact your doctor or perhaps dialysis technician. Intended for pet fish, contact a local fish shop for more information about unique water treatment. Fluoride-based is added to the treated water provides in Evergreen, North San José, and Alviso to help stop dental cavities found in consumers. In Classics, Muni Water started fluoridating the cured water is received from the SCVWD subsequent an Evergreen community advisory vote inside the early 1960s. Found in 2016, the SCVWD became responsible for fluoridating the water supply plus they now provide fluoridation of the water supply by their water treatment plants. The SFPUC System-Wide Fluoridation Task (affecting North San José and Alviso) became operational in November 2005. The fluoride levels inside the treated water will be maintained within the selection required by condition regulations. In 2017, some areas of Timeless, North San José, and Alviso could have received a blend of caring for water and non-fluoridated groundwater. As a result, several customers periodically received water with fluoride-based levels slightly under the recommended range. Currently, additional fluoride is usually not added to Edenvale or Coyote Valley service areas. Consult your doctor or perhaps dentist if you are taking into consideration additional fluoride health supplements or treatments. Firmness consists mainly of calcium and magnesium (mg) salts. Although it will not pose an overall health risk, it may be regarded as undesirable for some other reasons. Some benefits to reducing hardness by utilizing water softeners happen to be reductions in cleaning soap usage, longer existence for water heaters, and fewer incrustation of water lines. Some disadvantages are surely an increase in sodium consumption (depending on kind of softener used), appropriate maintenance and providing requirements, and probable adverse effects on vegetation and landscaping. Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of the drinking water. It is monitored since it is a good indicator of the effectiveness of the normal water treatment process. The turbidity standard about unfiltered supplies (e. g., Hetch Hetchy) is 5 NTU. The turbidity meant for filtered water materials (e. g., SCVWD treated water) should be less than 0. a few NTU 95 percents of the time and at almost no time higher than 1 NTU. Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lambliare parasitic microbes found in the majority of surface water. The SFPUC and SCVWD regularly test for people waterborne pathogens and located them at really low levels in supply water in 2017. However, current test out methods approved by the USEPA do not separate dead organisms and the ones capable of leading to disease. Ingestion of Cryptosporidium or Giardia Lamblia may create symptoms of nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches. Cryptosporidium must be ingested to cause disease, and it may be spread through means other than liquids..

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City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso Drinking Water Company and EPA

City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso Drinking Water Report Info
Alviso National Register District Alviso was probably the most punctual port on the west bank of the United States and perhaps the soonest town, consolidated in 1852, in Santa Clara County. It was relied upon to be an "incredible city" because of its area, however after it was circumvent by railways, it was "completely left" and was not added to the City of San José until 1968. The Port of Alviso is additionally a State of California Point of Historical Interest (SHPI SCL-061); recorded in the California History Plan and California Inventory of Historic Resources; and one supporter of the area, the previous Old Union Warehouse, is one of the seven structures/building groups/destinations of the Bay Side Canning Company and one of the 94 Chinese American State of California Ethnic Sites. Alviso was added by the City of San José in 1968. The Alviso (District), known as "Port of Alviso (San José)," is a recorded National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) area, however isn't an assigned City District. As a NRHP property, this area is consequently included in the California Register of Historical Resources (CRHR). The locale is limited on the north by an arm of Alviso Slough, on the west by the Alviso Slough, the 1850 channel, and the Guadalupe River, on the south by Moffat Street, and, on the east by a line down the focal point of Gold Street to Catherine Street, west on Catherine to the focal point of the square between El Dorado and Gold, and after that south to Moffat..

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City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso Drinking Water Company and CDC

Who do I contact within the event of a water emergency? If the emergency takes place at some stage in the hours Town Hall is open – which are Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday from 8:00 am to at least one:00 pm – please contact the Water Department at (978) 664-6060. If the emergency happens out of doors of those hours, please touch the North Reading Fire Department at (978) 664-3112. Who do I touch if I am purchasing or selling a house? Please touch the Water Billing workplace at (978) 664-6009. They will agenda a very last water meter studying for the belongings transfer, and will help with moving the possession of the water account. How do I check for leaks in my domestic? The water meter in your own home or business will look just like the meter on the left. The meter has a digital readout like a car odometer that records the variety of gallons which have exceeded through the meter since it become hooked up. To set off the display screen you'll need to use a flashlight to charge the solar panel. Hold the light above the panel for five-10 seconds and it's going to prompt the display. Once the display is energetic it'll undergo a startup then display the usage through the meter. If you wait every other five- 10 seconds it's going to show the usage of the meter at that time in Gallons according to hour (GPH). If water is being used it'll show here to be able to see. Hecking for leaks The most common source of high water bills because of leakage in homes is the end result of leaks on bathrooms. If the show says water is getting used while no water jogging within the house, there are two exams that must be made on each toilet inside the residence. First, elevate the quilt off the tank at the again of the toilet. There is an overflow pipe to prevent the tank from overflowing onto the floor in the event the bathroom fill does now not close off. The water level within the tank need to be approximately 3-quarters of an inch (zero.Seventy five inch) below the top of the overflow pipe. The waft this is used to shut off the fill to the bathroom can stroll out of adjustment over the years, inflicting the water level inside the tank to rise to the point in which water starts offevolved to flow into the overflow pipe.This is a very silent and nearly undetectable leak, but this is the unmarried maximum not unusual leak the Water Department finds whilst investigating excessive water bills. If you discover this hassle, the go with the flow on the toilet needs to be adjusted to lower the water stage, primarily based on the producer’s pointers. The 2nd sort of lavatories leak permits water to leak from the tank into the bowl due to the flapper valve or flush valve not seating nicely. To take a look at for this kind of leak, upload a few drops of meals colour to the tank. If the coloration suggests up within the bowl (without flushing the toilet), you have a leaking flapper valve. Leaks on underground piping – together with garden irrigation systems – can also cross left out, and might waste a massive amount of water. Other leaks, such as leaks on sinks or showers or maybe hoses, are more glaring in that you can see or pay attention water dripping. Be conscious that leaks – even very gradual leaks – due to the fact they're strolling 24 hours an afternoon, 7 days every week, can waste a large quantity of water and increase your water bill drastically. Who do I touch about questions about my water invoice? For questions concerning water bills, please contact the Water Billing workplace at (978) 664- 6009. Please endure in thoughts that water payments are based on actual water meter readings, and excessive water payments are typically the result of a excessive volume of water passing thru the water meter, and can be because of outdoor lawn sprinkler use or a leak somewhere after the water meter. Who is liable for my water provider line? The property proprietor both owns and is answerable for keeping and repairing the water service line from the shutoff valve near the belongings line to the residence or building. The Water Department is responsible for the water mains in the road and is responsible for the part of the water service line from the water main to the shutoff valve close to the belongings line. Why does my water on occasion appear milky or discolored? “Milky” or cloudy water is as a result of tiny bubbles of air inside the water. These bubbles do not make the water unsafe to drink, and could clearly upward push to the top of a pitcher of water if you allow the water sit down for a few minutes. Air can input the pipes while a water principal break is being repaired. While the Water Department attempts to flush out all of the air and discoloration following a spoil, sometimes wallet of this air get trapped in the pipes and slowly paintings their manner out of the gadget, acting as milky water. The other reason of discolored water in Nor.

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City of San Jose - NSJ/Alviso provides drinking water services to the public of San José and San Jose, California.

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