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The resident drinking water of Hecla Water Association-Plant PWS may be tainted from many impurities like 1,2-Dichloroethane, Bromodichloroacetic acid, Simazine and Fluoride, and may struggle with high ratings of water hardness. Hecla Water Association-Plant PWS supplies the area with drinking water that originates its water supply from Purchased surface water.

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Area served:

Lawrence County, Ohio

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Water source:

Purchased surface water

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3190 Sr 141, Ironton, OH 45638

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Contaminants Detected In Lawrence County, Ohio

Bromodichloromethane; Chloroform; Chromium (hexavalent); Dibromochloromethane; Dichloroacetic acid; Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs); Trichloroacetic aci… more

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Limited Time: Free Water Safety Report for Hecla Water Association-Plant PWS.


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Hecla Water Association-Plant PWS

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1,1,1-Trichloroethane; 1,1,2-Trichloroethane; 1,1-Dichloroethane; 1,1-Dichloroethylene; 1,2,3-Trichloropropane; 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene; 1,2-Dichloroethane; 1,2-Dichloropropane; 1,3-Butadiene; Alachlor (Lasso); Antimony; Arsenic; Asbestos; Atrazine; Barium; Benzene; Beryllium; Bromochloromethane; Bromomethane; Cadmium; Carbon tetrachloride; Chlorodifluoromethane; Chloromethane; Chromium (total); cis-1,2-Dichloroethylene; Cobalt; Cyanide; Dichloromethane (methylene chloride); Ethylbenzene; Mercury (inorganic); Monochlorobenzene (chlorobenzene); Nitrite; o-Dichlorobenzene; p-Dichlorobenzene; Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS); Perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHPA); Perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHXS); Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA); Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS); Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA); Radium-226; Selenium; Simazine; Styrene; Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene); Thallium; Toluene; trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene; Trichloroethylene; Vinyl chloride; Xylenes (total)

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Hecla Water Association-Plant PWS

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What are sources of contamination to ingesting water? The resources of consuming water (both tap water and bottled water) consist of rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells. As water travels over the floor of the land or through the ground, it dissolves obviously -happening minerals and, in a few instances, radioactive cloth, and may pick up substances attributable to the presence of animals or from human pastime. Contaminants that may be present in source water include: (A) Microbial contaminants, such as viruses and micro organism, which may additionally come from sewage treatment flowers, septic structures, agricultural livestock operations and flora and fauna; (B) Inorganic contaminants, together with salts and metals, which can be evidently -going on or end result from city hurricane water runoff, commercial or home wastewater discharges, oil and fuel production, mining, or farming; (C) Pesticides and herbicides, which can also come from a variety of assets along with agriculture, urban hurricane water runoff, and residential makes use of; (D) Organic chemical contaminants, which include synthetic and unstable organic chemical substances, which are with the aid of -products of business approaches and petroleum manufacturing, and can also come from gasoline stations, urban hurricane water runoff, and septic structures; (E) Radioactive contaminants, which may be clearly -taking place or be the result of oil and gasoline manufacturing and mining activities. In order to make certain that faucet water is safe to drink, USEPA prescribes policies which limit the quantity of positive contaminants in water furnished with the aid of public water structures. FDA guidelines set up limits for contaminants in bottled water which must provide the equal protection for public fitness. Drinking water, which includes bottled water, may additionally reasonably be expected to include at the least small quantities of some contaminants. The presence of contaminants does not always suggest that water poses a fitness chance. More information approximately contaminants and ability fitness consequences may be received via calling the Federal Environmental Protection Agency ’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline (1 -800 -426 -4791)..

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Hecla Water Association-Plant PWS Drinking Water Report Info
For occupants in the Hecla, Ohio zone, it was a battle to get great, quality drinking water – or even water sufficient for garments washing besides. John Howard, who owned a Laundromat in the Hecla territory, chose to figure out how to take care of this issue – this is how Hecla Water was made. In 1969, the fuse papers for Hecla Water were agreed upon. The first board individuals included Elbert Addis, Robert Edge, Chet Howard, John Howard, Ray Howard, Art Kimble, Dr. Lewis Motycka, Robert Rowe and Clyde Turley. As development of water lines started, Ray Howard was picked to fill in as the company's CEO and an office was set in a structure at Hecla, Ohio. Hecla Water initially acquired water from the City of Ironton and the Village of Coal Grove to support clients. In 1980, a treatment plant was worked above Proctorville which uses groundwater from the close by wellfield. The wells give great water to the Hecla Water clients, just as, giving water administration to the Lawrence Water Corporation headquartered in Scottown, Ohio. Today, more than forty years after the fact, Hecla Water has grown from the first 700 water tap associations with almost 10,000 associations. The bunch of unique representatives has grown to a power of more than forty workers. Hecla Water serves spotless, safe, drinking water to over a large portion of the inhabitants of Lawrence County, Ohio. Our Employees Hecla Water representatives are prepared water professionals. They drive a vehicle set apart with the organization name and logo and wear a uniform shirt with an organization fix over the pocket. Workers will never enter your home to "try things out" or gather installment. . In the event that you have concerns with respect to a telephone call or visit you have gotten from somebody speaking to Hecla Water, contact the office at 740-533-0528 for confirmation. Governing body The Hecla Water board comprises of seven chiefs. Every executive serves a term of three years and is a functioning Hecla Water client. Bill Morris Kent Brown Bob Clyse Odell Williams Larry Bare Fred Howell Ray Gillenwater.

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Where does my water come from? The Norwell Water Department gives water to the community from ten groundwater wells. The South Street Well Field, which include Wells 1 and 6, is placed off of South Street near the Third Herring Brook. This water is filtered on the South Street Treatment Plant because of excessive tiers of iron, manganese, and natural colour. If not removed these parts would stain laundry and plumbing furnishings; reason discoloration of the water; and probably reason the water to tackle unpleasant odors and tastes. The South Street Treatment Plant went on line in July 1996. Additional treatment conducted at South Street consists of the addition of chlorine as a disinfectant to save you waterborne ailment and the addition of potassium hydroxide for pH adjustment. The groundwater in Norwell is certainly corrosive (i.E. It has a pH of much less than 7.0). Therefore, untreated water has a tendency to corrode and dissolve metallic piping. This no longer best damages the internal plumbing of your private home however also can add dangerous metals, consisting of lead and copper for your water. By including potassium hydroxide we are capable of raise the raw water pH to a non-corrosive degree. The Grove Street Well Field is located off of Grove Street about one-half mile east of the intersection of Grove and Washington Streets. This properly discipline includes Wells 2, 3, 5, and 10. Treatment at Grove Street consists of pH adjustment with potassium hydroxide and disinfection with sodium hypochlorite. Treatment at Grove Street started out in January 1997. The Washington Street Well Field, including Wells four, 7, and eight, is located off of Washington Street north of Hall Drive. Treatment at Washington Street includes pH adjustment with potassium hydroxide and disinfection with sodium hypochlorite. Treatment at Washington Street started out in April 1997. The ultimate properly in the device (Well nine) is a low-yield source positioned off of Bowker Street. It is used on occasion because of its restricted production capability and increased tiers of iron. Water from this properly is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite prior to coming into the distribution system. The Department keeps two 500,000-gallon metallic water garage tanks; one positioned at Paradise Drive the opposite at Judges Hill Drive. A 1,000,000-gallon metallic storage tank is positioned inside the Assinippi Industrial Park off of Philips Drive. This tank and its related Booster Pumping Station are designed to offer additional water and strain to the distribution system..

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Hecla Water Association-Plant PWS provides drinking water services to the public of Ironton and Lawrence County, Ohio.

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