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The district drinking water of Smyrna may be degraded with multiple contaminants such as Bacteria & Viruses, Atrazine and Dichloromethane (methylene chloride), while battling abnormally high scores of water hardness. Smyrna services your region with drinking water that sources its water supply from Purchased surface water.

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Smyrna, Georgia

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Purchased surface water

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229 Peachtree Street, Ne, International Tower Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30303

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Contaminants Detected In Smyrna, Georgia

Bromodichloromethane; Chlorate; Chloroform; Chromium (hexavalent); Dibromochloromethane; Dichloroacetic acid; Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs); Trichloro… more

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Free Official Water Safety Report for Smyrna!


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List of Drinking Water Contaminants Tested by Smyrna

But Not Detected:
1,1-Dichloroethane; 1,2,3-Trichloropropane; 1,3-Butadiene; 1,4-Dioxane; Bromochloromethane; Bromoform; Bromomethane; Chlorodifluoromethane; Chloromethane; Cobalt; Dibromoacetic acid; Molybdenum; Monobromoacetic acid; Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS); Perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHPA); Perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHXS); Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA); Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS); Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)

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The City of Smyrna is focused on providing safe water that meets or exceeds federal and state quality standards. This edition covers all assessments completed from January 1 through December 31, 2017. THE TOWN of Smyrna purchases water from the Cobb County - Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA) proven by the State to provide reliable and safe public drinking water to Cobb County and its wholesale customers. That is an total annual report on the grade of normal water sent by the CCMWA that possesses information on the foundation of our water, its constituents and medical risks connected with any contaminants. We are once more proud to present for you our twelve-monthly water quality report and wish you to learn that your drinking water is safe. If you have any questions regarding this statement, please contact the town of Smyrna Utilities Department at 678-631-5338. Cobb County - Marietta Drinking water Authority offers two surface water sources supplying two treatment establishments. The Wyckoff Treatment Division comes from Allatoona Lake, a Corps of Engineers impoundment in north Cobb, south Cherokee and south Bartow counties. The Quarles Treatment Division gets drinking water from the Chattahoochee River. The Cobb County - Marietta Normal water Authority and the Atlanta Regional Commission completed a source water evaluation itemizing potential resources of water pollution to your surface normal water supplies. These details can help you understand the prospect of contamination of your drinking water items and can be utilized to prioritize the necessity for protecting normal water sources. A Origin Water Evaluation is a report and report which gives the next information: - Delineating the normal water supply watershed for each and every drinking water intake, - Developing a listing of potential sources of contamination - Determining the susceptibility of normal water resources to identified potential resources of contamination, and - Raising general public involvement in and knowing of drinking water watershed concerns. For more information on this project go to the Source Water Assessment web page at Http:// or you can demand data by mail from the Atlanta Regional Commission:.

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What is the motive of this file? The federal government requires all water utilities inside the United States to provide an annual water best document for clients. Much of the language in this document is required through the federal authorities. Who is at the Board? The Board is produced from 3 members appointed for staggered terms by the Mayor and Council. The Board elects its very own officers. Current contributors are: Mr. Ronnie Stinson, Chairman; Preston Buchanan, Vice Chairman; and Mike Limerick, Secretary. The mayor serves as superintendent of the Water Works, Gas & Sewer Board and manages the Board's day by day operations. Is our water considered “difficult” or “gentle”? Jacksonville has reasonably “tough” water. Does our water incorporate fluoride? Yes. Jacksonville does have fluoride. It is brought put up chlorination inside the shape of hydrofluorocyclic acid. The amount delivered consequences in fluoride same to one ppm. This has been determined to be sufficient by means of the American Dental Association for healthful tooth. What if I need my water grew to become off so I could make maintenance? Your water meter has a cut off valve that requires a key to be became off. If you need your water grew to become off, we can be happy to ship someone to your home to turn off your meter at no fee. Please do now not try to turn your meter off your self, due to the fact these valves break effortlessly. If you break the valve, we are able to fee $95.00 to repair your meter. If you wish to have a HAND VALVE hooked up, this will be placed on the patron facet of the meter, and it's miles much like a valve on an outdoors faucet. You should rent a plumber for the set up. Who do I touch if I even have a question or trouble with my garbage provider? The Utility Office bills and collects the $12.40 rubbish rate for the City of Jacksonville, and transfers the budget accumulated to the City every month. Since the Utility Office is simplest the billing and series organization for the City, all calls and problems should be mentioned City Hall at 435-7611, or AWS at 237-7219. What is the Health & Sanitation (H & S) charge on my bill? The Health & Sanitation charge (H & S) is a $5.64 fee assessed by the City of Jacksonville for preservation and operation of the City Landfill and for keeping the streets clear of particles. It is not a rate for services rendered. The Water Works, Gas & Sewer Board collects this fee for the City authorities and transfers these price range each month to the City. Again, please direct all questions regarding this charge to City Hall at 435-7611) What are the techniques for paying my bill? We receive private assessments and cash. When paying by means of test, please write your account variety in your test. We are sorry, but we can not accept check/debit playing cards, credit cards, counter tests, or two-celebration tests. Bank draft now available. Where do I name if I see a stray canine or if I want garbage picked up on the decrease? Please call the Jacksonville Street Department at 435-3560 to file stray dogs and to request curbside choose-up. Jacksonville has a leash regulation for pets, and violators might be fined. Dog and cat licenses should be bought through September 30 each year..

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Smyrna provides drinking water services to the public of Atlanta and Smyrna, Georgia.

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