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The regional drinking water of Town of Addison could be degraded from considerable impurities including but not limited to Ethylene dibromide and Naphthalene, and may experience high degrees of water hardness. Town of Addison services this region with drinking water which originates its water from Purchased surface water.

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Addison, Texas

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Purchased surface water

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5300 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75254

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Contaminants Detected In Addison, Texas

Bromodichloromethane; Chloroform; Chromium (hexavalent); Dibromochloromethane; Dichloroacetic acid; Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs); Trichloroacetic aci… more

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Get the Town of Addison Official Water Score Report for Free (Limited Time).


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Town of Addison

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1,1-Dichloroethane; 1,2,3-Trichloropropane; 1,3-Butadiene; 1,4-Dioxane; Asbestos; Bromochloromethane; Bromomethane; Chlorate; Chlorodifluoromethane; Chloromethane; Cobalt; Nitrite; Perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS); Perfluoroheptanoic acid (PFHPA); Perfluorohexane sulfonate (PFHXS); Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA); Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS); Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA); Vanadium

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Town of Addison

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The District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, made by exceptional demonstration of the 61st Legislature, Regular Session, 1969, and works according to Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code, as revised. The District by and by contains around 2,109 sections of land of land. The District is situated in north Harris County, around 20 miles north of the central midtown business district of the City of Houston. The District lies entirely inside the extraterritorial ward of the City of Houston. Generously the majority of the land in the District exists in the limits of the Spring Independent School District except for around 387 sections of land, which exist in the limits of Aldine Independent School District. Access to the District is given by Interstate Highway 45 or the Hardy Toll Road to Farm-to-Market 1960, at that point east to Aldine Westfield Road. The more established advancement inside the District incorporates the private subdivisions of Timber Lane, Sections 1 through 12 (all things considered, 2,073 parcels on roughly 500 sections of land), Sandpiper, Section 1 (225 parts on around 46 sections of land), Sandpiper Village, Sections 1 and 2 (131 parcels on roughly 13 sections of land) and Cypress Trails of Timber Lane, Sections 1 and 2 (532 parts on around 89 sections of land) in addition to 105 duplexes and quadraplexes on 8 sections of land. These segments have been created and generously worked out for a long time. The District additionally gives water, sanitary sewer and seepage offices to serve Spring Crossing, Sections 1 and 2 (38 sections of land formed into 280 single-family private parcels), Park Spring, Sections 1 through 7 (156 sections of land formed into 672 single-family private parts), Cypress Terrace, Sections 1 through 3 (54 sections of land formed into 305 single-family private parcels), Highland Glen, Section 1 through 4 (84 sections of land formed into 341 single-family private parcels), Maple Terrace, Section 1 (27 sections of land formed into 122 single-family private parcels), Werrington, Section 1 (72 sections of land formed into 386 single-family private parcels), Werrington Park Section 2-5 (89 sections of land formed into 519 single family private parts) and Arbor Trails, Section 1 through 3 (45 sections of land formed into 220 single-family private parcels). Road clearing is additionally finished in these subdivisions. Manufacturers who are either partnered with the engineers of the subdivisions or have parcels under agreement in these subdivisions incorporate D.R. Horton , Greeneco Builders, and Anglia Homes. New houses in these subdivisions are being offered at deal at costs going from around $180,000 to roughly $210,000. Starting at July 12, 2018, 5,957 homes (counting some duplexes and quadraplexes) were finished in the District (of which 5,797 were involved and 160 were empty) 24 homes were under development or claimed by a developer, and roughly 138 grew parts were empty. Notwithstanding the single-family private improvement depicted over, the District contains four condo tasks built on around 71 sections of land, which contain a total of roughly 525 units. A 180 unit senior living complex on 11 sections of land Commercial and retail improvement inside the District incorporates roughly 61 associations included essentially of single organizations, occupants in three retail malls, and three little professional office structures and a Walmart Neighborhood Markey, all in all on around 35 sections of land. The District contains roughly 514 sections of land of developable land which are not by and by furnished with inward water, sanitary sewer and seepage offices and an extra 69 sections of land are situated inside the present multi year flood plain assignment and around 60 sections of land are incorporated into District plant locales, waste privileges of way, and open space. Of such developable grounds, roughly 480 sections of land are claimed by substances which have as of late created or are presently creating single family private subdivisions inside the District..

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Town of Addison Drinking Water Company and CDC

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Town of Addison provides drinking water services to the public of Dallas and Addison, Texas.

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