Birm Filter Media (Removes Iron and Manganese from Well Water)

Birm Filter Media

Birm media is really a filter medium used in iron filtration systems.

It oxidizes and eliminates iron and manganese without pre-treatment, but functions best following aeration.

The pH must be 7.0 or above for Birm to function properly.

Birm Filter Certification


  • Under proper conditions, no chemicals required for maintenance.
  • Iron removal efficiency is very higher.
  • Only periodic backwashing required.
  • Durable material has a long life and a wide temperature range.
  • Regeneration not needed.

How It Functions

As water flows through the filter tank containing Birm media, with sufficient oxygen within the water, the media causes the iron to form rust or strong iron particles.

After these rust particles get trapped in the filter media, once or twice a week they're automatically backwashed out to drain. This then preps the filter media for action.

Change schedule

Birm may last for a lot of years depending on the water quality and usage. 

Typically, the media may have to be replaced every 3-5 years.

Operation CONDITIONS for Birm Filters 

🔎 Check To Insure Proper Function

A water test of your raw well water is highly suggested prior to buying filter systems. 

Water Conditions Required:

  • Water must have a pH of 7.0 to 9.0. for birm to function correctly.
  • The dissolved oxygen content should be a minimum of 15% from the iron or manganese content.
  • Water must include no tannins, chlorine, oil, or hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor).
    If any of these items are present, we suggest the Greensand filter system.
  • Aeration is recommended for optimal performance.

For Wells 50 Feet or Deeper:

An air injector must be used to add oxygen to deep well water prior to feeding a Birm filter.

If water is fed from an open storage tank or spring, then additional air injection is typically not required.

Iron Content in your Water

What is this iron in my water?

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