SoftPro Dual Tank Carbon Filter System (Great for Benzene Removal)

Dual Tank Carbon Filter System

Great for Benzene Removal

Treatment of Benzene.

Benzene can be removed with activated carbon. Approximately 1000 gallons of water containing 570 ppb of benzene can be treated with 0.35 lbs of activated carbon.

In other words... 94,300 gallons of water can be treated for every one (1) cubic foot of carbon!

Benzene In Your Water - Treatment

Benzene, a byproduct of petroleum refining, is used as an intermediate in the production of synthesized plastics, and is also an additive in gasoline. Gasoline contains approximately 0.8 percent benzene by volume. Benzene is classified as a volatile organic chemical (VOC) and is considered a carcinogen by the US EPA. Benzene makes its way into water supplies from leaking fuel tanks, industrial chemical waste, pharmaceutical industry waste, or from run off of pesticides. The current US EPA Ml for Benzene is 0.005 mg/l

System includes

  • Two - 13" x 44" Fiberglass wrapped mineral tanks Black in color
  • Two - in/out valves
  • Two - Tank adaptors (DIST HEAD IV) 3/4" In / Out Parallel Accepts Bypass
  • Two - 85HE Series Bypass Valves
  • Seven cubic feet - Aquafine® Coconut Carbon with proper amount of support gravel

Three - quick connect hoses is an easy solution to connect your water supply lines to your carbon filter system to. The hose has a FIP swivel nut connection and a simple Push-to-Connect connection on the other side making the carbon filter installation quick and easy.


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