Residential Potassium Permanganate Tank

The Residential Potassium Permanganate Tank is used with a filter containing Manganese GreenSand.

A dose of 2-4 oz of potassium permanganate per cu.ft. of Manganese Greensand is suggested for regeneration. 

Consists of

  • Tank (feeder)
  • Lid
  • Brine well
  • Felt pad
  • Safety float assembly


  • Size: 10" x 15"
  • With 3/8" brine line and pick-up tube connections.


It is critical to preserve enough potassium within the feeder tank for the system to function properly. Once each one to three months, depending on how frequently the iron filter is set to backwash, add a few pounds of potassium permanganate to the feeder tank.Potassium pad ought to be rinsed out with water every 6-12 mos. to remove built-up iron.

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