SoftPro Green Reverse Osmosis Water System (High-Efficiency, 50 GPD)


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The SoftPro RO w/ Advanced Alkalizing Filter Overview


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Supercharge Your Drinking Water

  • The Ultimate Purified Water
  • Filter Chloramine, Chlorine, TDS, Fluoride and More!
  • Up to 75 Gallons Per Day
  • Top Eco-Efficient Operation
  • BONUS: Choose 20+ Faucet Style For Free


After ordering, email us your faucet style.

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5-Stage Deep Filtration

Get clean, safe and tasty water.

300X Better Efficiency

Up to 300 times more efficient than those typical 3:1 filters. Save our environment with less waste.


Does not require power to operate.


No cleaning.
No chemicals.
No hassle.
Long-life filter media.

Alkalizing, Healthy... No More Acidic Water

Restores healthy minerals and produces a balanced alkalinity in your water. No more acidic water.


Filter Out Over 1,000+ Toxins

Get safe quality, healthy drinking water... your body will be happy.

Remove toxins and viruses from your drinking water.

There may be more in your water than you want to know.

Only clean water here

Almost everything gets caught in this RO

The SoftPro RO will filter out to super tiny elements including viruses, heavy metals and chloramine.

  • Filter Down to .001 Microns... Super Filtration

See the chart to get an idea how much can be filtered out.

Advanced Alkalizing Filter

We upgrade the traditional post-carbon filter with the optional Advanced Alkalizing Filter to raise pH levels to eliminate acidic water. 

This adds healthy minerals back into your drinking water for healthier water.


Drink Healthy Alkaline pH Water

Supercharge your drinking water.

The Advanced Alkalizing Filter raises your water up to 7.0 to 9.5 pH depending on your water.

And no more acidic water!


Be Confident In Your Drinking Water

It doesn't get much better than the SoftPro RO Filtration System

  • Remove up to 99% of Toxins

Drinking water is all too important in our diets. Make it simple by having the best water at your home.

No more buying bottled water...
Be eco-environmentally conscience.

Filter TDS impurities

get ideal drinking water

Your standard, tap water contains numerous TDS, which contain an assortment of non-water solids.

Most homes have 100's of TDS lurking in their drinking water.

What are Total Dissolved Solids?

  • Inorganic salts, calcium,  potassium, magnesium and other minerals & cations.
  • Metals, nitrates, chlorides, sulfates, carbonates
  • Contaminants, Impurities & Toxins

Sources of Dissolved Solids Include:

  • Natural - rivers, lakes
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Agriculture Runoff
  • Sewage
  • Urban Runoff
  • Plumbing/ Pipe Residue
  • Industrial Waste
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Road Water Runoff/ Deicing Salt, Etc.

Best TDS FILTeration Technology

Safe, Healthy Drinking Water

A quality reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system will provide the ideal drinking water for you and your family.

0 to 50 PPM TDS is Ideal Drinking Water.

Danger:  increase in Chloramine use

Chlorine & CHLORAMINE... Not in my water!

Unfortunately, more and more water companies are turning to increase their chloramine usage as a disinfectant in your tap water.

Even with the EPA and CDC limits, you could experience some negative health effects.

Negative Chloramine Health Effects:

  • Respiratory problems & increased asthma risk from chloramine vapors.
  • Aggravated digestive disorders
  • Increase in pneumonia and other influenza-related death risk
  • Decrease in red blood cell efficiency
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff

*** The SoftPro Whole House Chlorine+ Filter

Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines! ***


Decorators... Choose Your Faucet Style & Color For Free!

Only Quality Water Treatment includes a wide selection of faucet styles and color choices with your SoftPro Green RO Filter System.

NOTE: After Placing Your Order,

>>> Email Us Your Faucet Style & Color Choice

By default, the Modern Chrome faucet (8883-CP, most popular style) will be shipped.

Danger:  increase in CHLORINE ADDITIVES

Stop Drinking Pool Water!

Many Americans are drinking up to 300 to 600 times above the EPA health guidelines of chlorine!

🛑 A necessary evil?... Today, more and more water companies are increasing their disinfectant dosage of chlorine. While it helps kill microbes and other waterborne issues, drinking chlorine, especially at high levels, is a real health concern.

Negative Chlorine Health Effects:

  • Tends to form Trihalomethanes (THMs); can lead to cancer, and other issues 
  • Eye & Nose Irritation
  • Stomach/ Gut Discomfort
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff


The Ultimate 5-Stage Deep Filtration

Reduce chlorine, chloramines, bad tastes and odors, debris, rust, solids, and other impurities.

Reduce TDS, pesticides, heavy metals, viruses and other most harmful contaminants.

See How It Works!

Benefits of Each Filteration Stage

5 Stages of Water Purification

Protect your drinking water.
Smart Health  Investment.