Fleck Water Softener vs SoftPro Water Softener


Fleck Water Softener vs SoftPro Water Softener


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Hi, everybody, this is Craig the water guy!

Thank you for checking out our Fleck 5600SXT water softener.

I'd like to go over the water softener with you to give you a better understanding of what it offers you and help you make a proper buying decision today. So you know I've been doing this for over 33 years. We've been in business for over 28 years here at Quality Water Treatment.

5600SXT Water Softening Systems by Fleck

And we have been selling and servicing Fleck systems for over 28 years as a business and with myself working for other companies. So I'm very familiar with Fleck models and Fleck in general. So basically what you're going to find with the Fleck 5600SXT is you're going to find that it is a reliable system. You're going to find that the control valve warranty which is the top are here this mechanical part of the system.

It's the most expensive part of the system as far as the operating system.

When it comes to issues with the system this is where you've got to have it has a 5-year manufacturing control valve warranty.

You see that the mineral tank here which is not a Fleck water tank because Fleck does not build water softeners, they build control valves.

So what are you going to find with Fleck water softeners is your going to find that Fleck does not manufacturer water softeners so you cannot call Fleck also though as Pentair Corporation say "Hey I got a problem with my water softener". They're going to refer you to do like us or whoever you purchased it from to see if they can help you out with it.

So 10 years on the mineral tank, 2 years on the brine tank those are manufacturer warranties through whatever manufacturer the company purchased firms use it at that time that the valve itself is a Fleck which is 5 years.

What you're going to find about the Fleck 5600SXT water softener is that it is a downflow system, it's older technology. So the Fleck water softeners use quite a bit of salt and waste a lot of water per generation. So this particular softener here uses an 8 percent cross like resin which is a high-grade capacity resin that just about everybody in the industry uses.

The difference between the Fleck 5600SXT that we carry that you see are from other companies that are offered the same systems that we use what you call a paddle wheel in the back of the system.

So this system doesn't use a little turbine wheel all the difference is is that the paddle wheel is more robust it doesn't get caught up and hindered by build up on the wheel it causes the stick not to meter your water properly or not meter at all which causes the system not to regenerate which causes you to have hard water at your home.

The turbine itself is that almost everybody else uses as a real small turbine in the back of the system. The power that we have with those over the years is that they do have build up although they do stick and it causes problems.

So a while back ago we switched to the two-meter wheels to eliminate that issue. So we are giving you a better meter wheel than your most of your other dealers out there.

So what I want to do here is I want to show you an upflow softener is going to give you a comparison that benefits it features the Fleck 5600SXT are a downflow water softener like I mentioned earlier. So it wastes a lot of salt water per generation with the 5-year work on the control valve and a 10-year warranty on the tanks.

So we're going to go to water softeners and click on our SoftPro water softeners. SoftPro high-efficiency water softeners are upflow water softeners. So basically what you're going to hear is the water runs down through the tube and upwards through the resin. The same goes through the regeneration process om these.

SoftPro Water Softeners

It's an upflow variable bringing and everything else on. And because of the new technology and the upflow technology that Fleck does not offer, this system we'll save you up to 75 percent on salt, and 64 percent on the water every regeneration.

Based on manufacturer data that they've done over the years with these systems it will actually save a family for up to $220 per year.

I know it sounds like a lot right but actually the data you could find on our FAQ page where it's all spelled out for you it makes a lot of sense. Want your read it. Salt is not cheap. Salt runs around $6-$7 dollars after tax per 40-pound bag. So that's quite a bit of money right there alone.

If you're on city water where you're paying for your water savings and water waste also pays for itself. So the SoftPro water systems our technology uplfow or actually water softener that pays for itself and continues to pay for itself over the lifetime of the system. You've got to find a better word on our SoftPro systems that you will with Fleck 5600SXT water softener you have a 7-year control valve warranty versus the Fleck 5600SXT has a 5-year warranty and the mineral tank and brine tank has a lifetime warranty compared to Fleck water softener has a 10-year warranty.

Now one of the other big differences between a Fleck water softener and a SoftPro water softener is that SoftPro water softeners are built as a complete system through the same manufacturer. So the tanks the valve or all from the same manufacturer. As a matter of fact, these systems are set over to a 3rd party rating agency called IAPMO which was founded by former employees of WPA a water quality association.

So these systems have actually gone through a seal of approval going through a lot of different testing to make sure that they'd meet plumbing codes and they are utmost quality in order to get that approval stamp it takes, takes quite a bit of testing and time to get that done. So this system is 3rd party rated folks which is very expensive for the manufacturer to get done.

Fleck 5600SXT cannot get that rating. And the reason you can't get that rating because the manufacturer Fleck Pantera corporation does not build water softeners is built out a couple of components only from another party. So there you go on that.

Now the SoftPro PURA Optimus is our 3/4" SoftPro valve which is the same as the 5600SXT which are 3/4 inch as well. If you want to go with a higher flow softener you can go with the SoftPro Elite Basic. The SoftPro Elite Basic is a 1" inch ported all the way through the valve so you do get higher flow rate with this system. It's also high-efficiency just like to Optimus, it has the same savings and everything else but it has a better warranty.

It has a 10-year warranty on the control valve here with the same lifetime of working out the tanks it also has upgraded resin.

The resin is a 10 percent cross leg resin versus the SoftPro Optimus and Fleck 5600SXT are 8 percent. The 10 percent it is more durable against chlorine which is enemy #1 to resin when it breaks it down.

So if I have a 10 percent resin you're guaranteed for it that last longer as it will give you better performance over the years. The other thing that the Elite Basic has besides up low the upgraded resin and better warranty, It has a neoprene washable tank jacket that actually gives you protection on the tank. It gives them a sleek look as well because it has a 3 percent emergency regeneration reserve.

So if you have a high usage day and the system sets as you're going to run out of soft water before the day is out. The system will do a 15-minute quick regeneration of the base used soft water which keeps all your plumbing and your hot water heater free of hardness minerals.

So I hope that helps you, folks, out. There's more information on the SoftPro water softeners throughout our website. 

Thank you for visiting us. Have a great day!