SoftPro Whole House Chlorine+ & Fluoride Filter (Catalytic + Bone Char Carbon)


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Catalytic + Bone Char Carbon Filter

SoftPro® Whole House Chlorine+ & Fluoride Filter

The Super-Charged SoftPro Chlorine+ Filter... Remove Fluoride

Great for those who want fluoride removed from their drinking, cooking, and water they use for brushing teeth.

Applicable for homes with up to 4-6 bathrooms.

1.5 CUFT size tank / (1.0 CUFT of catalytic carbon + 0.5 CUFT of bone char carbon)

Not recommend for private well water.

SoftPro® Whole House
Chlorine+ Filter Video Overview

The SoftPro Chlorine+ Filter is already amazing. See our video review.

***Now when you add bone char carbon media to the already incredible SoftPro Chlorine+ filter...

the system will remove fluoride from your water!

SOFTPRO®  Chlorine+ and Fluoride FILTRATION

Amazing, Clean Water From Every Faucet

  • Bone Char Carbon filters out fluoride
  • Enjoy Tasty Bottle-Quality Water Throughout You Home
  • Removes up to 99% of Impurities
  • Removes Chloramines & Chlorine!
  • Next Generation Upflow Technology
  • Maintains High-Flow Water Capabilities 
  • Advanced Catalytic Filter Media


Remove Chloramines &
Other Harmful Toxins

Get clean, safe tasty water from every faucet. 


Does not require chemicals. Uses advanced catalytic carbon filter media.

Waste Water Free

Does not require power to operate.
No waste water.

Maintenance-Free, 1,000,000 Gallons

No cleaning.
No hassle.
No media replacement for up to 6-10 years or 600,000 to 1M gallons.

Remove Up To 99% Impurities

Combining high flow rates and advanced catalytic carbon media, say goodbye to impurities and toxins.


"Tap" water Is Cleaned... But Can it be Healthier?

For a lot of us, when we think city water we think "it must be clean and safe, it has to be!" What a vast number of us don't know is that water is not always as pure as it seems to be.

The truth of the matter is, the EPA allows "acceptable" levels of multiple contaminants to remain in the water.

These contaminants then enter your body in a glass of supposedly "clean tap" water... These contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals and more will add up over time.

Lets get healthy!

Danger:  increase in Chloramine use

Chlorine & CHLORAMINE... Not in my water!

Unfortunately, more and more water companies are turning to increase their chloramine usage as a disinfectant in your tap water.

Even with the EPA and CDC limits, you could experience some negative health effects.


Negative Chloramine Health Effects:

  • Respiratory problems & increased asthma risk from chloramine vapors.
  • Aggravated digestive disorders
  • Increase in pneumonia and other influenza-related death risk
  • Decrease in red blood cell efficiency
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff

*** The SoftPro Whole House Carbon+ Filter

Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines! ***

Add bone char carbon

The Super-Charged SoftPro Chlorine+ Filter... Remove Fluoride

Danger:  increase in CHLORINE ADDITIVES

Stop Drinking Pool Water!

Many Americans are drinking up to 300 to 600 times above the EPA health guidelines of chlorine!

🛑 A necessary evil?... Today, more and more water companies are increasing their disinfectant dosage of chlorine. While it helps kill microbes and other waterborne issues, drinking chlorine, especially at high levels, is a real health concern.

Negative Chlorine Health Effects:

  • Tends to form Trihalomethanes (THMs); can lead to cancer, and other issues 
  • Eye & Nose Irritation
  • Stomach/ Gut Discomfort
  • Dry, itchy, flaking skin and dandruff

*** The SoftPro Whole House Carbon+ Filter
Removes Chlorine AND Chloramines! ***


Advanced Catalytic Carbon Media

  • Tested to Filter 600,000 to 1,000,000 Gallons (under typical situations)
  • Lasts up to 6 to 10 years (compared to 3-5 years)


Advanced Catalytic Carbon Vs. "Typical" Activated Carbon

  • Better Effectiveness = Better Water
  • Removes Harmful Chloramines
  • Maintain High Water Flow Rates
  • Removal of chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, petroleum, and byproducts from pharmaceuticals...


Next Generation Upflow Technology

  • Upflow or Reverse Flow Design Is More Effective
  • The filter media is turned upwards from the bottom to circulate better.
  • Allows for the catalytic carbon media to have better contact contact for increased filtration.

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ASME A112.18.6-/CSA B125.6-09
NSF 372


Protect Your Investment. Reduce Condensation.

With your purchase today, we'll send you a neoprene jacket guard for free.

Yes, your complete softener system comes with a washable, removable neoprene jacket that makes it look spiffy. But there’s another great reason for the jacket.

Sometimes a water softener can create pooling at the base during the water treatment process.

This jacket insulates the tank and helps reduce condensation that can happen during regeneration.

It protects your tank in high humidity as well as cold temps, and it’s easy to remove and easy to wash. We wish all our jackets did so much.

***Only available while supplies last.


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