SoftPro® Elite Salt-Free Water Softener / Saltless - No Salt Conditioner (Lifetime Warranty)


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The SoftPro Salt-Free Water Conditioner Overview


6 Month Money Back... The Quality Water Treatment Advantage

We are confident that you'll love the water treatment systems that we sell. 

If you don't like it, return it for a full refund!

Guarantee Details


No Salt. No Hassle.

  • Eliminates the effects of hard water without the use of salt
  • Advanced Salt-Free Technology
  • Install & Forget-It-Operation
  • Great for homes with 1 to 5 bathrooms
  • For water hardness up to 17 GPG

Craig, the "Water Guy" Review

The Pros & Cons of Salt-Free Water Conditioners

What is the difference between the a salt-based water softener and a salt-free water conditioner?

Which softener is best for my home?

▶️ Check out this quick video for the answers.


Reduce/ Prevent Water Etching

Eliminate hard water scaling and etching without the use of salt or potassium.

No Programming

Does not require programming nor adjustments.


Does not require power to operate.


No cleaning.
No  salt.
No hassle.


Why SoftPro Elite Stands Above The Crowd

Up to


Scale Removal

No Hassle Maintenance

0 Lbs.

No Salt


0 Gal.

No Water Waste


0 Watts

No Electricity


🆓 The Water Softener Is FREE. Here's Why...

👍 Water softeners can pay for itself within 3.5 years.

With up to $517+ in real annual saving, investing in soft water treatment "pays" you, year after year.

(Smart ROI also applies to investing in a quality home drinking water filtration system... see below!)

Highly recommended Filters

Get the ultimate pure water for your home by combinng both of these high-performance water filter systems.

Clean Water Filtration
For Your Entire Home

SoftPro Whole House
Chlorine+ Filter

It's like bottled water
at every faucet.

Purified, Healthy
Drinking Water

SoftPro Reverse Osmosis
Alkalizing Filter

The ultimate, safe &
pH balanced drinking water.

The SoftPro® Whole House Chlorine+ Filter and the Reverse Osmosis Alkalizing Filter will also pay for itself in only 2.2 years!

Then afterwards, this combination filter system will pay you over $450 in real annual saving!
...and you get amazing, safe, filtered, purified water throughout your home.

The combination of having both a high-efficient soft water & a quality home drink water filtration system will essentially pay you $1,000 in savings every year!


Chemical-Free Innovation

SoftPro's advanced Scale Control Technology (SCT) effectively prevents 99.6% of hard water scaling.

SCT transforms dissolved hard water minerals of calcium and magnesium into inactive, harmless microscopic crystal particles that are then easily passed through your water and down the drain.

Prevents hard water scaling, and reduces existing scale on fixtures and pipes.


Big Blue For Quality Water

SoftPro Salt-Free Conditioner includes the upgraded 5 micron sediment and chlorine pre-filter.

This efficient pre-filter system removes all of the little particles in water that can clog and build up in your hot water heaters, showerheads, dishwashers, etc.

Removes chlorine... a big plus!

Note. If upgrading to Whole House Upflow Catalytic Carbon & Filter, Big Blue Carbon Cartridge Filter will be replaced with a sediment cartridge filter.


So Many Benefits with Soft Water


Water Softener versus Salt-Free Conditioner?

Hard water, in scientific terms, is generally excessive amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water. 

Salt-based water softeners used to be the only kind of water softeners systems provided to homeowners. Today, SoftPro Salt-Free Water conditioner can keep the healthy minerals while preventing the consequences of hard water scaling.

  • Hard Water =
    Excessive calcium and/ or magnesium minerals in the water. 

    It's these minerals that cause water spots and scaling when the hard water dries.
  • Soft Water =
    Removal of calcium & magnesium minerals from water by use of a chemical reaction with the addition salt.
  • Conditioned Water =
    Neutralizes calcium & magnesium hard water minerals without chemicals.

    Salt-free, water conditioning technology alleviates and reverses the negative affects of hard water scaling,
    while adding the benefits of soft water benefits. 

Note: if you're on a Private Well 

If you're on a private well, we recommend getting your water tested. You may have to pre-treat and/ or filter out manganese, iron, hydrogen sulfide, copper and/ or other contaminants.

WATER Analysis Report

Size Does Matter - Check Your Water & Options

  • Get Your Free, Instant Water Report
  • Custom Sizing Recommendations
  • Get quality recommendations to match your specific needs



No Water Waste.
No Salt.
No Electricity.

SoftPro Salt-Free plays on a higher level by saving our precious resources. 


Protect Your Investment. Reduce Condensation.

With your purchase today, we'll send you a neoprene jacket guard for free.

Yes, your complete softener system comes with a washable, removable neoprene jacket that makes it look spiffy. But there’s another great reason for the jacket.

Sometimes a water softener can create pooling at the base during the water treatment process.

This jacket insulates the tank and helps reduce condensation that can happen during regeneration.

It protects your tank in high humidity as well as cold temps, and it’s easy to remove and easy to wash. We wish all our jackets did so much.

***Only available while supplies last.


Elevate Your Water

Take your water system to the next level with these high quality water filtration options.
...It's smart investing. 

Filter Chloramine, Chlorine, TDS, Fluoride & More!

  • Whole House Chlorine+ Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis With Advanced Alkalizer Filter
  • KDF Advanced Sponge Filteration

Choose one or more to elevate your experience.

The Ultimate Purified Water Combo!

Whole House Chlorine+ Filter
combined with the
RO System w/ Alkalizing Filter

Clean Water Filtration
For Your Entire Home

SoftPro Whole House
Chlorine+ Filter

It's like bottled water
at every faucet.

Purified, Healthy
Drinking Water

SoftPro Reverse Osmosis
Alkalizing Filter

The ultimate, safe &
pH balanced drinking water.

Whole House Upflow Chlorine+ Filter

No More Drinking Pool Water!
Remove Chlorine & Chloramines!

Bottle water quality throughout your home. This filter removes it all... pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and much more.

It requires no regular maintenance, no water waste, and no electricity. Set it and forget it.

Reverse Osmosis with Advanced Alkalizer Filter

No More Acidic Drinking Water!
Enjoy the health benefits of alkalized, fully filtered, bottled-quality water at your kitchen sink. 

The 5 Stage, Ultimate Drinking Water Filtration.

Remove TDS, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride and much more!

Advanced KDF Sponge Filteration

The KDF-55 Sponge Filter will remove chlorine, 99% of heavy metals, and won't let bacteria, algae or fungus inside your water system.

You'll get safe, healthy water throughout the house.

Note: With a salt-free conditioner, the KDF sponges are added to the Whole House Chlorine+ / Upflow Carbon Filter tank only.

(Do not install in the salt-free tank.)