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FLECK 5600 SXT On-Demand Digitally-Metered Water Softner System

This Fleck 5600SXT on-demand metered digital water softener is perfect for those looking for an economical option!

Key Features

Fleck's 5600SXT Water Softener

  • We use a paddle wheel style meter which eliminates the constant sticking and binding of the traditional style turbine meter. (no more removing and cleaning the turbine wheel)
  • 3/4" Plastic Bypass
  • 10% Cross-linked resin for longer life. 10% Crosslink resin is more chlorine resistant and has a stronger bond so it lasts longer!
  • Brine Tank includes Brine line & Safety Float with Brine well.
  • Ships pre-loaded with resin saving you time and money on the installation of the system (up to 48,000 grain capacity).
  • 10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Tanks.
  • 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Fleck 5600SXT Control Valve.

Product Tech Support

Hands down our most popular model. Made using the high-end components and hand-assembled. Experience the difference and see why we are the industry leader. Email, Phone, Text support along with YouTube videos give you SUPPORT for before, during, or after the installation.

Value added package

We pride ourselves in simplifying the consumer experience. We demonstrate this by PRE-LOADING the mineral tanks with resin for you to reduce heavy lifting and mess, we PRE-PROGRAM this digital meter to avoid adding guesswork, we provide additional INSTALL ITEMS to save you from making extra trips to store, and we are very EASY TO CONTACT using phone, email, and texting!

Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener

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