GE Water Softeners: What You Need to Know Before You Buy!

Hi, everybody, this is Craig the water guy.

Hope you're all doing well today. Hey, if you're thinking about buying a General Electric water softener. Please watch this video. I want to go over some comparisons with you. 

I wanted to share some options that these softeners say they offer you. I went to the GE website and searched for water softeners and I brought up their most popular water softener based on reviews. As far as the amount of reviews if they have. The one that is the most popular is a GE 40,000 grain water softener. This water softener, by looking at it as a cabinet model. So everything is enclosed in one. 

Which to me, tells me that the components, the electrical components, are exposed to salt water, which can cause damage over a period of time to electronic components of this system. The system is also a downflow water softener.

Which means that it's going to use an average of 18 pounds of salt per regeneration and over 65 gallons of wastewater every time it regenerates. It's not unusual for your typical downfall water softeners.

I've also noticed that under your specs and details all the general electric water softener is that the warranty. The system carries a three-year warranty on the electronic monitor which is basically the control valve. It carries a 10-year limited warranty on the brine and resin tank.

Now, what I had found about the GE water softener is that if you have an issue with the system after the first year you have to pay somebody to come out that actually has the parts on hand to repair it for you and it does not cover the labor which is pretty typical across the industry.

What I've done is I went to our website and I look for the same size water softener what I've done here is I've gone to the SoftPro water softener page I've clicked on the 40,000-grain system which is the same size system that I'm looking at here at General Electric. 

PURA Ultimus SoftPro Upflow Water Softenter

So here's the General Electric 40,000 grain water softener and here's the SoftPro PURA Optimus 40,000 grain water softener. Right off the bat you can see that the softener system is a two tank system. You have your mineral tank with your control valve on top. You have your brine tank next to it, so there is no saltwater exposure to electronic components because they are separated from each other. 

The other thing is is that I noticed that at the SoftPro water softener. The PURA here is an upflow water softener so it will save you and your family up to $220 dollars a year in salt and water savings.

I've also noticed that it has a 7-year control valve warranty. So as we scroll down here to see the descriptions, this the reason why this SoftPro water softener is more efficient than a General Electric water softener. It has reverse flow regeneration with precision brining.

Your traditional down flow water softeners deplete the unused portion of the resin with every regeneration. It is like draining your gas tank in your car every time before filling it up. The SoftPro water softeners offer reverse flow regeneration. That drives the hardest minerals up through the already depleted resin that it out to the drain. Saving both salt and unused portions of the resin bed for future use.

It has precision brining which saves additional savings it only 70 percent of the brine. Where your general electric water software uses 100 percent of the brine. Just before the regeneration of the computer software system calculates the precise about a brine to top off the needed regeneration to only regenerate the depleted resin saves you an additional 30 percent of salt.

General Electric's softeners do not have this feature. The other thing this PURA SoftPro water softener does it has a reusable backwash cycle preset which reduces the backwash we could see for water supplies the system, so doesn't do a full backwash every time it regenerates which saves you quite a bit of wastewater.

Better for your pocketbook or better for the environment. The system also has a sanitary system flush so if you're not home using water, let's say you go on vacation, the system will flush itself briefly to make sure no bacteria grow within the system. The system warranty again is 7 years on the control valve and lifetime warranty on the tanks.

It's a superior warranty over the General Electric, which again is 3 years all the electronic control valve and 10 years on the tank. The thing about this SoftPro water softener is that if you have an issue with the system, you have a company that is in the water treatment industry. That is all Quality Water Treatment does.

That's all we have done for over 30 years.

So getting customer support with our systems is never an issue. If you have an issue with it you're not going to have to have us come out to repair it for you. We have videos as well as expert support to walk you through the situation that gets you back to soft water right away.

The last final thing I want to say about the difference between General Electric water softeners and SoftPro water softeners is that the SoftPro water softeners are 3rd party rated. The manufacturer builds these systems and sends them to a company called IAPMO and has given our SoftPro water systems a platinum seal. 

IAPMO is a certification company, certification agency, that takes these systems and puts them through stringent testing. To ensure their utmost quality. General Electric water softeners do not have a third party a third party rated. Hope that helps you make your buying decision today.

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