6 Dangers of Hard Water – and How to Remove It with Treatment


Just how bad is hard water, really? 

Is it actually dangerous? Unhealthy? How harmful is it, and WHY?

These are good questions to ask, because it's important to know the truth about hard water and how it affects you, your home and your family.

📣 Here's our answer: hard water can ruin your quality of life.

We don't mean to sound the alarm bells, but it's true. No, hard water won't kill you. Yes, you can live with it. But the reality is, if you do nothing about it, hard water will cost you BIG – in a variety of ways.

Here are the dangers of hard water you need to be aware of.

💥 Hard Water Damages Plumbing.

Nearly all types of pipes and plumbing are susceptible to hard water. While some types, like copper and PVC, are more resistant than others, basically all pipes are at risk of corrosion from hard water.

Harsh minerals like calcium and magnesium slowly eat away at your plumbing. Eventually, those pipes form tiny cracks that begin to leak and get worse over time if hard water is not being treated.

Even small leaks can be a nightmare, if they go unnoticed. And replacing plumbing is not cheap either.

But corrosion isn't the only thing you need to worry about …

💥 Hard Water Clogs Pipes with Minerals.

clog pipes if water is hard

Hard water can cause mineral scale buildup inside your pipes. Over time, this buildup only gets bigger and bigger, eventually clogging your pipes.

Clogged pipes will lower your home's water pressure and drive you crazy in the process. Who doesn't hate the feeling of a low-flow shower that takes forever to get the shampoo out of your hair? What about when you're trying to fill a bucket of water to mop your floor, but it takes forever because of the low water pressure?

Fixing the hard water problem usually means replacing the clogged pipes, which can be very costly.

💥 Water Hardness Destroys Your Bath & Kitchen Fixtures. 

For the same reasons that hard water kills your plumbing, the fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen are ruined as well.

Hard water starts out relatively harmless … 

You notice some stains in your sinks, a ring in the toilet or some chalkiness on your faucets.

But over time, it gets harder and harder to clean. You go through cleaning products like crazy, and you start using all kinds of DIY solutions to get rid of it.

Eventually, it turns into thicker deposits that corrode and clog the fixtures, requiring you to replace them.

This article compares a water softener vs water conditioner.

💥 Hard Water Breaks Your Appliances.

Hard water can significantly shorten the lifespan of your appliances. 

The corrosion and clogs that occur in your pipes occurs in the same way inside your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater and any other appliance connected to your water supply. Hard water has so many negative effect on home appliances.

Over time, this corrosion will stop the appliances from working, requiring you to make costly repairs or replace them. 

💥 It Creates Tastes and Smells Problems.

bacteria in water

Hard Water is a Terrible Problem!

Mineral-heavy hard water is simply not fun to drink. And, it seems to taste even worse if the water sits in a glass for more than a minute.

💥 It Dries Your Skin and Hair.

If hard water can literally destroy pipes, imagine what it can do to YOU.

Those same harsh minerals can cause dry, itchy skin, as well as dry, frizzy hair. The minerals actually build up in your hair!

😍 SOLUTION: Install a Water Softener ASAP

The only solution for getting rid of hard water is installing a water softener.

Water softeners eliminate water hardness, increase the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances and overall improve your quality of life.

Not sure where to start? ☝️ Use this calculator ☝️to see which water softeners are a good fit for your home for your hard water treatment needs. 

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