Make Clothes Softer with Best Water Softener for Home


If you have hard water, then you're probably already familiar with the main benefits of a water softener for home use: no more costly corrosion and deposits on your bath fixtures, appliances and pipes.

But did you know that soft water can actually improve your clothes too?

By removing harsh minerals from your water supply, your clothes will be softer, brighter and they'll last longer too!

Intrigued? Here's how it's possible.

👉 Hard Water = Duller, Deteriorating Clothes!

Hard water can be extremely rough on anything it touches. That includes your home's pipes, faucets, toilets and appliances.

But it doesn't just shorten the life of your washing machine – it also shortens the life of your clothes!

Hard water eats through the fabric of your favorite outfits, slowly breaking up the weaves and causing colors to fade. Worse yet, it leaves the fabrics feeling hard and scratchy, irritating your skin.

Even the most expensive detergents and fabric softeners are no match for hard water. They may help at first, but chances are your hard water is slowly deteriorating every garment you put in the washer.

Why? Simple…

It's all about the minerals 🤔

Hard water is defined by having excess amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Typically, the first signs that you have hard water is tough-to-clean stains on your toilet and a build-up of corrosive deposits on your sink fixtures. But these minerals can be just as nasty to fabrics too.

Minerals and Water Softener

The minerals cling to your clothes and DO NOT wash away when you put them back in the washer. They stiffen the fibers, dull the colors and even leave residue, making your clothes look dirtier than they were before you put them in the wash!

house water softener for home

✅ Solution: A Water Softener for Home

Did you know that laundromats often install huge commercial water softeners to keep customers’ clothes looking brighter and softer? Well, a water softener for home use is no different.

By removing those harsh, corrosive minerals, and washing your clothes with soft water, your clothes turn out way better:

  • Brighter colors with less fading and that washed-out look
  • Fabrics feel softer to the touch and more comfortable against the skin
  • Clothes last longer, so you can keep wearing your favorite outfits (and save money too!)

And let's not forget that the same benefits apply to your entire household water supply. Water softeners can significantly extend the life of your washing machine, other appliances, plumbing infrastructure and the fixtures in your bathrooms and kitchen. This reduces the need for costly repairs, saving you money.

How Does A Home Water Softener Works🖐️

Okay, so how exactly does a water softener for home use actually do this?

We won't get too technical – but ultimately, the system uses salt to remove the harsh calcium and magnesium from the water before it travels to your washing machine and fixtures.

More precisely, it uses a process called ion exchange. This just means that sodium ions (salt) exchange places with magnesium and calcium ions. The water softener uses tiny resin beads inside a tank, which are treated with the sodium ions, helping to "grab" the magnesium and calcium before eventually flushing them out a drain line.

End result: your water is softer, tastes better and prolongs the life of virtually everything it touches, including your clothes!

home and whole house water softener

Which water softener is right for your home?

This depends on a few factors, including how many people are in your household, how much water you use and how hard your water is.

Where to Start?

To get started, try this calculator, which will show you water softeners that are a good fit for your needs.

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