Want Spa-Like Showers? Here's How A Water Softener Can Help

Some people spend big bucks turning their bathrooms into a spa-like retreat. But if they don't do anything about their hard water, then all that money could go to waste.

Hard water can irritate the skin, causing it to dry out and flake. And it can be rough on your hair as well.

But even worse than that, hard water can quickly destroy even the most expensive bath fixtures, causing them to corrode and requiring constant cleaning.

If you want to start enjoying spa-like showers, here's how a water softener can help...

What is a Spa Shower? 🚿

The term ‘spa shower’ can have different meanings depending on the experience you want.

It isn’t the cost of a bathroom renovation that matters. It’s the way you feel after a spa shower that defines it. You also don’t need to take out a home loan to experience this.

Something as simple as soft water will make you feel brand new.

How Do I Make My Shower Feel Like a Spa?

❌ Option A: Pay $230 an hour for a spa specialist. It takes about 250 hours to create it.

Did you spit out your coffee, too? 👀  Was it the spa price tag or a hard water problem?

If you don’t have $57,500 hidden away in your couch cushions, here’s a plan B.

✔️ Option B: Buy a water softener system for an affordable spa-like experience.

Add in a luxurious spa showerhead, a chic glass shower panel, and scented candles. All you need now is to find the best water softener system for a spa shower transformation.

Benefits of a Water Softener:

✅  Softer hair

✅  Softer skin

✅  Feels smooth and refreshing in the shower

✅  Reduced need for soap

✅  Reduced need for cleaning fixtures

✅  Eliminates corrosion

✅  No more gross water stains and green calcium deposits

✅  Extends the life of plumbing & pipes

✅  Extends the life of appliances and water heaters

Do Shower Filters Soften Water?

Shower Water Filters

Some people think a shower filter is just as dependable as water softeners. Let’s compare a shower filter to a water softener.

Shower filters are a filtration method that removes chlorine from a water source. It does NOT remove minerals as water softeners do. While a filter can be good for your skin, it won’t soften water.

Ion exchange causes demineralization to occur during the water softening treatment. The ‘hard’ components are removed from your home’s pipes to create a more balanced water source. When you compare the benefits, it's not even close.

Water softeners do way more for you and your skin and your home water systems than a shower filter.

Do Water Softening Shower Heads Work?

Sorry, no, it's just a marketing gimmick!

Water softener shower heads are marketed as a treatment for hard water, but it’s filtering mechanisms are NOT multifaceted enough to work the same way as water softener systems.

Filters can stop the flow of basic elements. Water softeners make ionic chemical exchanges, so it is much more complex a system than a shower filtering method.

Spa Tip: Buy a shower head that maximizes the water pressure as a spa-like technique.

Does Hard Water Ruin Your Hair And Skin?

Hard Water is Hard on Your Hair and Skin

Do you have dull, dry, and brittle hair? While you have likely changed your shampoo and soap several times, it’s the minerals in hard water that are keeping your hair and skin in this condition.

Once you have a water softener, you’ll suddenly notice a difference in the look and feel of your hair and skin. The softer water will also absorb into your pores and have an anti-aging effect.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Water Softener?

SoftPro Elite Water Softener System

Brand and Component Quality – Does a chosen brand meet your standards?

Company Trustworthiness – Read reviews from other customers before buying.

Warranty – Make sure you ask about your warranty. Can you extend it?

Efficiency – Ask about the benefits of timer or meter water softener systems.

Water Softener System Size – Calculate size or ask for recommendations.

Pricing – Do you want a budget-friendly spa or one with serious exclusivity?

Use this water softener sizing calculator to find the perfect system for the ultimate spa-shower. You’ll know as soon as you take your shower that softer water is what you’ve been missing.

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