How Water Softeners Increase the Lifespan of Appliances & Water Heaters

Household appliances are supposed to deliver function, convenience, and usage. But if you have hard water, then these investments can quickly go from handy to household headaches.

Hard water causes dangerous corrosion and buildup that causes appliances to break and need constant repairs. And if you don't do anything about it, those appliances will reach the end of their life far earlier than designed.

Hard Water Appliance Statistics🚰

Hard Water on Home Appliances

👉  Here are a few important statistics from the Gas Research Institute on the service life of household appliances, hard water exposure, scale buildup, and the usage of a water softener.

⚠️  Hard water decreases appliance efficiency by nearly 50%. As corrosion builds, your home’s hot water will not heat to temperature capacity and will cause utility bills to increase significantly.

⚠️  The lifespan of dishwashers, washing machines, and faucets decrease by about 4 years when you have hard water continually running through them.

⚠️  The service life of a heating element is about 8 years, but scale buildup accelerates faster when hard water is heated. This causes component failure to occur earlier.

⚠️  With hard water, the hardware inside your toilet lifespan decreases from 5 years to 2 years as sediment damages the tank’s components and clogs the rim. Not to mention, hard water causes stains on the toilet bowl that are a nightmare to clean!

⚠️  The lifespan of tankless water heaters is 20 years. With hard water, it is 1.5 years.

⚠️  Soft water increases the risk of corrosion from low TDS and pH, but hard water causes scale buildup. Having a water softener will balance appliance health.

⚠️  Without a water softener, you will have to spend 20 minutes to flush one appliance.

⚠️  Filters must be replaced every two or three months when you have hard water. During that time, the efficiency of a basic faucet or appliance filter will decrease.

We recommend using this calculator to find out how to save more money!

What’s the Big Deal with Hard Water, Anyway?

Popcorn on your lap

Imagine this: you are home alone. You’ve got a big bowl of popcorn on your lap, and you’re watching your favorite scary movie. All of a sudden, you hear noises coming from the basement.

Is it the wind? 🤷‍♂️

🤔 Is it a burglar? 

Is it hard water? 🤷

Wait, what? Hard water causes NOISE, too?

Actually, yes. It might sound weird, but loud, popping noises coming from a water heater or boiler can be a sign of hard water, due to issues related to corrosion, buildup and water pressure.

Slow appliance water flow is also a hard water indicator.

It will cost a pretty penny if you don’t make changes quickly to your household water source.

How Hard Water Damages Household Appliances

The job of a water heater is simple. As water fills the chamber, the heating element brings it to temperature. When minerals are present, it causes mineral deposits, or scale buildup, to occur.

Home appliances - Hard Water

Your washer, refrigerator, and dishwasher all need a water source. When there's a buildup of mineral deposits, it can impede the flow of water and corrode various parts inside these appliances.

How Water Softeners Protect Your Household Appliances

Hard water equates to wasted time and money as you must repair or replace your refrigerator, water filter, dishwasher, washing machine, and other appliances more often.

Are you exhausted yet?

Do you want a simple solution that will save you from bi-monthly appliance filter replacements?

Water softeners safeguard your appliances by removing the minerals that cause corrosion and buildup.

After hard water passes through the resin beads in your water softener's resin tank, it removes calcium and magnesium, resulting in soft, safe water.

SoftPro Elite Water Softener

Benefits of a Home Water Softener Include:

✅  Appliances will run more proficiently.

✅  Less likely to need repairs or replacements.

✅  Extends the shelf life of household appliances.

✅  Dishwasher safe and produces spot-free dishware.

✅  Prevents scale build-up in the plumbing system and water heater.

✅  Sinks, faucets, toilets, and bathtubs won’t have a filmy appearance.

Visit to personalize your experience and learn about which water softener systems work best with your household size, appliances, and necessities.

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